Currently, phishing emails are difficult to avoid, although we must point out that these services are currently constantly improving the ways to filter attempts to phishing.

In this case, it must be taken into account that the responsibility falls on the user himself to detect it as soon as possible. phishing emails, and therefore act in favor to solve it.

Phishing Emails

To help us with this task, Jigsaw, which would be a subsidiary of Alphabet, has come together to create a questionnaire.

But the question would be the following, what is your goal? Well, it is designed to test your ability to quickly and easily detect phishing emails.

In turn, this conforms to the statement of jigsaw that it makes use of technology to make the world much safer.

If you want to know in depth about this test that Google itself offers us, then we advise you to continue reading this post so that you have more knowledge about the phishing emails

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Test your ability to successfully detect phishing emails

The test of phishing emails from Google, makes you face what would be eight different types of examples that are inspired by those phishing attempts as it would be in real life.

It should be noted that your job would be to determine which are the phishing emails, and which ones would be true.

Keep in mind that by making the wrong choice, you could suffer from a possible attempt to steal your login credentials.

As you progress through the test, you will be shown what to look for when detecting emails phishing; this in turn includes look-alike URLs, typos, and insecure domains.

jigsaw phishing
jigsaw phishing

This test helps you in an effective way to distinguish phishing emails

It is a reality that today we must have the necessary knowledge to enter the world of the Internet, and even more so when we can find possible phishing emails.

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It is worth mentioning that by making correct use of this test we can assure you that you will obtain the necessary knowledge to be able to distinguish between true emails and those phishing emails.

We have to tell you, regardless of how well you did on Google’s phishing test; We advise you to read as much as you can about this important topic.

What did you think of this post about how important it is to gain knowledge about phishing emails? Be sure to read more about the topic and the importance of taking this test.

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