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Patch your Minecraft server now to avoid a major Java vulnerability

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There is a massive Java vulnerability called Log4Shell that does what companies around the world come on His Friday afternoons working on solutions frantically, and Minecraft is one of many vulnerable programs using Java.

The specific vulnerability is found in log4j, an open source log library used by various applications and services on the internet, including Minecraft, Steam, and iCloud servers, according to LunaSec .

Marcus Hutchins, a well known security researcher, He said : “Millions of applications use Log4j for registration, and all the attacker needs to do is make the application register a special string.”

In the case of Minecraft , the attackers have already been actively using the exploit and several servers were already offline. Attackers only need to post chat messages to activate the vulnerability. According to the Minecraft team, “This vulnerability poses a potential risk of your computer being compromised.”

If you are running a Minecraft server, the official Web site of the game has a list of steps that you should follow to make sure your server is secure.

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Already launched a log4j library update But there are tons of apps and people using Java, and it will be a while before everyone gets the update. This vulnerability is dangerous because it is so easy to exploit. As always, make sure that everything in your computer is up to date to protect yourself from this and other threats.

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