Parallels works to run Windows 11 on Mac

The Parallels engineering team claims to be doing “everything possible” for bring Windows 11 to Macs, Microsoft’s next operating system that will not have official Apple support as in previous editions.

Mac users number in the millions and tend to be the ones with the highest fidelity on desktop platforms. However, not a few have ever needed to run a native Windows application or games. For these cases, Apple has been offering the Boot Camp utility that allowed you to install Windows on a Mac and switch between Windows or macOS in a simple and effective way.

Apple’s transition to ARM architecture replacing Intel’s x86 on Macs has complicated this scenario and Boot Camp is no longer supported. Also, Apple computers do not have the TPM chips that Microsoft has listed as one of the minimum requirements to install Windows 11 since they bet on their own security chip that they call ‘Secure Enclave’.

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Windows 11 on Mac

That said, run Windows 11 on a Mac will not be possible natively and its support will have to come from virtualized. Microsoft has already said that TPM will not be a mandatory requirement for virtual machines which will facilitate solutions.

The most used in Mac has been that of Parallels and recently the company has brought Windows 10 for Macbooks with ARM M1 chips. It should not be complicated for this specialist Bring Windows 11 to Macs.

“Since Windows 11 was just recently announced, the Parallels engineering team is waiting for the official build of Windows 11 Insider Preview to begin studying the changes introduced in the new operating system and offering full compatibility in future Parallels Desktop updates«, explained Nick Dobrovolskiy, Senior Vice President of Engineering and Support.

Considering that Boot Camp is no longer supported, the only way to run another OS on an ARM Macbook is through virtualization, which suggests that the 7 million Parallels for Mac users will significantly increase in number in the future.

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We assume that the support will be centered on macOS Monterey, Apple’s new desktop operating system whose final version will be released a few months before Windows 11.

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