Parallels 17 now lets you run Windows 11 on your Mac

Windows 11 will also come to Apple Macs, even those equipped with the new M1 processors and therefore have lost the ability to install two operating systems through Boot Camp.

It will do so, once again, thanks to what is the benchmark virtualization tool for apple computers: Parallels. And is that The company has just announced that its latest version, Parallels 17, now supports Windows 11. And what is even better: those interested will be able to do it from this moment, without having to wait for those of Redmond to publish the final version of their new operating system. In other words: Parallels also supports the different betas that can be downloaded from Microsoft’s official website, or that are reaching the insiders.

As we have pointed out, the new Parallels feature is available both for Macs that have Intel processors, as well as those based on Apple’s Silicon architecture. In this second case, however, the company warns that the only version of Windows 11 that can be virtualized is the one specifically designed by Microsoft for ARM processors.

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In this case, it is advisable to be cautious. First of all, because Windows for ARM is not nearly as polished an operating system as it is in the versions for Intel or AMD. And it is that although the native applications for this architecture work without problems, the emulation layer that Microsoft has designed to run x86 applications still has to improve a lot to be competitive, especially in the realm of 64 bits, where this development is still in beta.

Regardless, Parallels explains that the new version of their application offers several performance improvements that translate into a better Windows experience on M1. In this sense and compared to Parallels 16, the company claims that the new version allows the M1 Macs to obtain up to 28 percent more performance in DirectX 11, and up to 33 percent faster in the boot of Windows 10. In addition, M1 users will also be able to use tools such as BitLocker or Secure Boot, thanks to the virtualization of the TPM chip.

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