When there are only a few days left for Windows 11 is available, it is surprising that less than half of the users of Microsoft’s operating system are aware of its existence. According a Savings.com report, only 40% know. The 60% remaining, therefore, they have no idea not only that next week it is launched on the market, but that there is a version of the operating system later than 10.

In addition, when the users of the system who have participated in the survey carried out to prepare the study, in which 1,042 people who use Windows as their main operating system participated, heard of the imminent arrival of Windows 11, they point out that they do not know if they will continue using Windows 10 or will install Windows 11. Also, 45% of the group of respondents did not know that the launch of Windows 11 was going to occur this October. And only a third knew if their computer met the minimum requirements to install the new version of Windows on it.

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Respondents were also asked what Windows 11 features they liked best. Most were not directly sure what their preferred role was. And among those who did have a favorite, the most cited was the ability to run Android apps on Windows. This function is followed by the new user interface of the system, and thirdly, the gaming-boosting functions that it incorporates, such as direct storage.

With these results ahead, it will be necessary to see if the relatively low expectation for Windows 11 it will adversely affect Microsoft. Windows 11 isn’t available yet, so most users don’t yet have a real reason to learn about the new system until they can get their hands on it. That, not to mention that many Windows users will not have control over the upgrade path of this new system.

On the other hand, the system requirements for the installation of Windows 11, which are quite high, will prevent a significant number of computers from having this new version of Windows. Therefore, there will be many users who, until they change equipment, will not have to know its new features or pay much attention to it. So it is still too early to say if the low popularity that Windows 11 has at the moment will have an impact on its sales.

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But as experience indicates, probably will at one time be the dominant operating system and popular regardless of your current popularity. Especially since at some point Microsoft will phase out Windows 10. Also, future Windows machines will in many cases ship with version 11 installed once it is available.

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