If you are a runner or cyclist, you are probably familiar with Strava as it allows you to track your workouts easily. Some of the best features are behind a subscription, but the company just announce that its live Beacon location tracking feature is available completely free of charge.

Strava Beacon Live location tracking feature

A Strava subscription costs $ 59.99 a year or $ 7.99 a month, and it comes with all kinds of features that are worthwhile for people who enjoy getting out into the world and exercising. Now, Strava has decided to make its Beacon live location tracking feature available to all users, whether they pay for the service or not.

You can basically enable the feature for security purposes or just as a fun motivator to keep you moving. You can use Beacon to share your live location with up to three people who can track you as you move around the world. The people you share with will get a unique URL that will allow them to see your location updated every 15 seconds.

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For safety, you can use this when you go for a walk or run in some rural place where you could get hurt or lost. If that happens, the friend who is tracking you can help you in your exact location. Or they could choose to meet you along your route and join you for a great group workout.

Not everything is free…

Strava said that live location sharing from devices like Apple watch and Garmin bike computers will remain part of the subscription as they are more complex to integrate than mobile apps.

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