Tomorrow day October 5th, coinciding with the release of Windows 11, the different versions for Windows and Mac OS of the Microsoft suite with perpetual license will also be available: Office 2021. That is, the Office packages that allow you to use their programs without the need for a subscription, and that instead of an amount each month are paid in a single time at the time of purchase.

Among the available options, as pointed from Verycomputer, is the one that is perhaps the most popular of the suite: Office 2021 Home and Students 2021. It includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote and Microsoft Teams, for an approximate price of 150 euros. It is the cheapest of all the editions, and if you need Outlook, or if you want to use any of the aforementioned applications for professional or business uses, you will have to get the version of Office Home and Business 2021, which will be around 250 euros.

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Getting this unsubscribed version of Office does not mean that you will lose a significant number of options and features. Office 2021 actually includes several options for collaboration. Like Teams, as we have seen. In addition, it also offers real-time co-authoring options, which means that a user who has one of the versions of this Office distribution will be able to work with other people on the same document at the same time.

Also, any user who accesses Office 2021 applications, both for Windows and Mac OS. with your Microsoft account you will automatically receive 5 GB of online storage space on OneDrive, which you can later expand with the payment options that suit you best. On the other hand, the suite has been designed to integrate in terms of appearance with Windows 11. For this it has a redesigned interface, rounded edges and a neutral color palette.

In addition to announcing its departure, Microsoft also reminds users who want to upgrade to Windows 11, which can be done for free from Windows 10. that the most recent version of Office that will be supported will be either this new one, Office 202 , or the subscription version available through Microsoft 365. If you cannot or do not want to meet these requirements, you will have to stay with Windows 10. You also have to have an account that to use Microsoft 365 or Office 2021 you must have an account from Microsoft and with an Internet connection.

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