NTFS for Mac. How to adapt a windows hard drive to Mac OS?

How to make OS X friends with Windows hard drives!

A few weeks ago, Paragon introduced an update to its famous driver, NTFS for Mac 15. Today we will figure out how acute the compatibility issues are in the macOS environment and find out if Paragon’s solution is worth the money.

File system compatibility

By default, most devices in the Windows environment work with the NTFS standard. The main advantage of this format is that NTFS is a file system with no maximum file size limit, which is excellent for both Windows devices themselves and peripherals in the form of external Flash and HDD drives.

NTFS for Mac

Out of the box, the Mac can read NTFS drives, which may be enough for most users: you can take files from a Windows-compatible device and, if necessary, use exFAT to transfer data. Nevertheless, suppose you need to write a large file (more than 2GB) to work with a multimedia system or optimize the data transfer process. In that case, you cannot do without the help of third-party utilities: this is because Mac cannot write files to NTFS drives.

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How NTFS for Mac driver works?

NTFS for Mac 15 is a simple add-on over the macOS interface, thanks to which the user can write files to Windows-compatible drives. When an external (or internal) drive is connected, the NTFS partition is mounted as an additional “native” volume.

Paragon NTFS for Mac Mojave Edition review: Ready to embrace the dark side  | Macworld

Paragon’s product has gained tremendous popularity, in large part, precisely because the driver offers native work in the Apple environment. NTFS for Mac provides secure and, importantly, fast access to drives: the application allows you to provide maximum read and write speed, eliminating the software layer as a “bottleneck.”

Also, the application interface allows you to quickly reboot into Windows on the built-in or external hard drive, which somewhat speeds up the process of working with two operating systems (if you do not take into account solutions from Parallels).

Of course, this solution will not be in demand for all Mac owners. Nevertheless, NTFS for Mac 15 is one of the best utilities for working with a Windows-compatible file system and deserves experienced users’ attention.

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