Microsoft has increased the minimum hardware requirements for Windows 11, justifying them mainly for computer security reasons, but it will cause a good portion of existing computer equipment to cannot upgrade from older operating systems. A Lansweeper survey puts numbers on unsupported professional PCs.

The minimum hardware requirements of Windows 11 continue to be talked about and it is worrying considering that we are just days away from the launch of the final version of the system. Especially the obligation to have a specific CPU, comply with the TPM 2.0 security module and the secure boot function that not all computers have and that applies to both physical and virtual machines.

A study by Lansweeper called “Windows 11 Readiness Audit»Involving 30 million teams from 60,000 organizations, says the 55.6% of them do not have a compatible processor with the requirements established by Microsoft. The RAM and storage memory requirement is met by most of the machines analyzed.

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About a fifth they also do not have the TPM 2.0 security module. Approximately 20% of physical workstations and about 5% of physical servers fail in this component that is usually included in a large part of commercial computers.

Windows 11

Taking into account the statistics and how Microsoft ensured that the optional Windows 11 update would only be implemented for users with compatible hardware that met the official requirements, in a decision made to achieve “more productive, safe and protected” computers, a good number of teams will be left out.

It must be remembered that those companies that wish stay on Windows 10 (even meeting the requirements) can do so by pressing the option «Stay on Windows 10 for now«, After which they will be offered the preview version of the next 21H2 version. Also, unsupported devices will automatically receive the latest version of Windows 10. Microsoft will support the version in security and feature updates. until 2025.

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It must also be said that several hacks have been developed that they can skip the verification that Microsoft has implemented for the upgrade to Windows 11, although it is not an advisable method for companies as delivery of security and feature updates will not be guaranteed.

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