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Microsoft will not update Windows 11 computers without meeting requirements

The requirements of Windows 11, the minimum hardware that any computer you intend should have run the next Microsoft operating system, keep causing questions to consumers and companies.

Microsoft raised these minimum hardware requirements compared to previous versions of Windows in terms of RAM, storage or graphics capacity with DirectX 12 and added components such as the TPM chip or a UEFI firmware compatible with the secure boot function. Microsoft justified it mainly for cybersecurity reasons, but eventually their relaxation will lead to Windows 11 can be installed on (almost) any PC, without meeting the requirements.

Last weekend Microsoft expanded the official list of supported CPUs to run the system with a selection of 7th Gen Intel Core, some Core X series models and Xeon W professionals. It also relaunched the application. PC Health Check To check the compatibility of existing equipment and with businesses in mind, the company announced that it would share more information and tools so that IT professionals can determine the eligibility of hardware in their organization as the general availability of Windows 11 approaches.

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The point is that Microsoft will not prevent users from installing Windows 11 on most older PCs even if they don’t meet the minimum requirements and as long as they use the disk imaging method through official ISOs.

Microsoft yes it will block the update via Windows Update from operating systems such as Windows 10 and will not support any equipment that does not meet the official requirements. Also, it will not provide feature updates, new drivers, or critical security fixes that are released from Windows Update.

This can leave tens of millions of teams in limbo, where the provider consents (at least passively) that an operating system be installed on older machines that do not meet the established official requirements, but does not support them even in terms of security.

To close the circle, comment that several run on the Internet hacks that allow to bypass the verification system to install Windows 11 and ISO images of the system ‘tuned’ to be able to install the operating system on any computer that is not officially supported. A clarification of all this and of the requirements of Windows 11, controversial from the moment of its announcement and that continue to be raised, is imposed serious doubts of its effective scope to consumers and businesses.

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