When Microsoft announced Windows 11 revealed some of the minimum requirements that they were going to be necessary for update the computers system So what work with Windows 11, or to install it. One of these requirements is that it have one of the CPU models released after 2017. This, of course, did not like many users at all, since it seems that if you have a computer that is more than five years old, you cannot use it. Those of Redmond later pointed out that they were evaluating the possibility of lowering the minimum requirements, and it seems that there is good news in this regard, although not, of course, to throw the bells on the fly.

As confirmed by the company, they have made the decision that the minimum requirements for Windows 11 to be installed on a computer are to have «select 64-bit supported processors, 4GB RAM, UEFI Secure Boot, graphics requirements, and TPM 2.0«. But in addition, Microsoft has «identified a set of PC models that meet the principles but feature 7th generation Intel processors that we did not originally include in our minimum system requirements«. This has been confirmed by the Windows team in a post on the Windows Insider blog.

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As a consequence of the latter, among the processors that will be able to function correctly with Windows 11 there are more 64-bit models than before. They are those of the ranges Intel Core X and Xeon W. He too Intel Core 7820HQ, although “only on some devices that have been released with modern drivers and based on declarative and componentized hardware support app design principles«.

The latter means that, among others, the Windows Surface 2, which until now was not among the computers that will be compatible with the new version of the operating system, yes it will be. They haven’t said anything about more compatible AMD processor models, so the company’s compatible chips with Windows 11 remain the same. What they are going to do, over the next few weeks, is update the PC Health Check app to identify the systems with the CPUs added to the list of compatible ones.

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