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Microsoft patched 887 known vulnerabilities in 2021

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The last Patch Tuesday 2021 has arrived and, with it, Microsoft has fixed its vulnerability 887 assigned by CVE. As impressive as it is, there will be a never-ending stream of new problems for the company to fix.

According Zero Day Initiative Microsoft had a busy 2021, patching an impressive 887 vulnerabilities assigned by CVE. Assigned by CVE means vulnerabilities that are identified, defined and cataloged by the CVE Program. That means Microsoft has likely fixed a lot more than the 887 described in the Zero Day Initiative report, but those are not tracked. Also, that number doesn’t include Chromium-based Edge.

While that number is large, it’s actually a 29% decrease from 2020. We’ll have to wait until 2022 to see what kinds of new bugs and vulnerabilities emerge and how many of them Microsoft will fix on Patch Tuesday (and through others). emergency patches ).

Regarding the patch tuesday plus recent , Microsoft released 67 security fixes. Of those, seven are critical issues and one is a zero-day flaw that is actively being exploited in the wild, so it’s definitely a set of updates you’ll want to download to make sure your PC is as secure as possible.

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