Microsoft He has launched a new Windows 11 edition designed for the educational world, that is, for students and teachers and its use in schools, and also in inexpensive laptops. Is about Windows 11 SE, and it is the company’s bet to compete with Chrome OS. This version, as pointed out in Verycomputer, will come pre-installed only on Microsoft computers and inexpensive computers that are sold to educational centers of some of its partners, such as Asus, Acer, Dell, HP, Dynabook or Lenovo.

Unlike the approach that Microsoft tried a while ago with Windows S in Windows 10, an edition that blocked Windows from installing apps that were not in the Microsoft Store, and what it tried to do with the canceled one before Windows saw the light. 10X, for Windows 11 the Redmond have chosen a different approach for this version: install it only on low-cost computers and only for education and college customers.

Windows 11 SE will be optimized for Microsoft Edge, Office and Microsoft’s cloud services, but it will not be restricted solely to use with Microsoft apps and services as it is on other occasions. According Paige Johnson, Head of Marketing for Education, Microsoft, «Windows 11 SE is also compatible with third-party apps, including Zoom and Chrome, because we want to give schools the ability to use what suits them best«.

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This system will be prepared for school system administrators to monitor and control which apps are installed on the computers, which can be managed so that they are updated invisibly outside of school hours. Of course, it will not have Microsoft Store installed. Instead, Microsoft will allow sysadmins to have multiple licensed apps to install on SE devices. In this list are the aforementioned Zoom and Chrome, but it is still unknown how many will be, and which ones, will be finally approved.

On the other hand, most changes to Windows 11 SE will be quite minor. Microsoft has spent a year and a half talking to teachers and students about Windows to get information about what they were interested in and not having in low-cost Windows laptops. This information obtained has led to the apps always opening in full screen in this version of Windows. Also because the company has eliminated multiple aspect captures in this edition, instead of using a single mode that allows placing apps next to each other.

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The new Windows 11 widget section has also disappeared in SE, as for Microsoft it can lead to distractions in an educational setting. Edge will also be configured to accept Chrome extensions, a possibility that is disabled by default in Windows 11. In addition, this system will make copies of documents in OneDrive by default, with offline support so that students have more facilities to use their computers with 11 I KNOW when they are not in class.

Windows 11 SE will also be delivered with a colorful wallpaper, as well as some changes to the way apps are presented. In addition, the apps that are installed in Windows 11 SE will have a single version, unlike what happens in other systems, which can have different versions of applications such as OneNote or Teams. In addition, since this system is only going to be installed on inexpensive computers, Microsoft assures that they have made an effort to prepare Windows 11 SE to work correctly, with several performance-focused improvements, on systems with 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB capacity storage.

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The company will prepare app packages such as Teams, Office, OneNote, Minecraft for education or Flipgrid for Windows 11 SE. This way, system administrators will not have to install them separately. Thanks to this, students will be able to open a laptop with Windows 11 SE, insert their connection details and instantly access their apps and documents in the cloud. Microsoft expects Windows 11 SE laptops to hit educational channels later this year or early 2022.

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