Microsoft CEO praises Windows 11: we’re reinventing everything

Satya Nadella was enthusiastic about Windows 11 in a briefing with analysts that followed the presentation of quarterly results. We weren’t expecting the opposite from the Microsoft CEO, but really the insubstantial, troublesome, and inconsistent Windows 10 was crying out for a makeover.

She will arrive with Windows 11, an evolution not revolution, created on the basis of the work carried out for Windows 10X (today discontinued) and that will offer improvements in all sections, in the user interface, in the workspaces, in security, in the execution of games, in the renewal of native applications of the system, in addition to the premiere of a new digital store Microsoft Store that will include news for developers and customers.

Satya Nadella has revealed that «the initial success of Windows 11 has been overwhelming«. The Microsoft CEO refers to the number of users who have downloaded Windows 11 as part of the Windows Insider program. The system is being installed at a good pace through upgrade from Windows 10 provided by Microsoft and the (unofficial) ISO image method for clean installs. According to Nadella, the number of Windows 11 test installations is mu and superior to any other version of Windows.

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“Windows 11 is the biggest update to our operating system in a decade. We are reinventing everything from the Windows platform to the store to help people and organizations be more productive and secure, and to build a more open ecosystem for developers and creators »Nadella explained.

When will Windows 11 be available?

«We are delighted with the first comments. More people who have never downloaded our first versions than any other version or update of Windows in the history of our Insider program. And, along with our OEM ecosystem, we’re excited to bring Windows 11 to new PCs starting this holiday. “he explained.

The executive did not set a specific launch date, although its initial announcement spoke of the “Christmas season«. Last week Microsoft made a channel change for the system with the first development in beta phase.

It is important because it means that the company has not encountered serious problems until the last test build and the latest information speaks of a RTM in October and a final stable version in the same month or in November. Microsoft will offer Windows 11 as free update for computers with a valid Windows 10 / 8.1 / 7 license and will also deliver it to manufacturers for pre-installation on new computers that we hope will be available at Christmas, a very important season for the retail channel.

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There is no doubt that Windows 11 has attracted great interest among consumers. But business is a separate issue, and increasing the minimum system requirements that Microsoft has set may complicate the upgrade on existing equipment and thereby lower its degree of adoption. In a recent question and answer (AMA) round, Microsoft has discussed this section in relation to existing business PCs. And we have no good news: Microsoft will be inflexible with the hardware requirements and if they are not met, neither consumers nor businesses will be able to upgrade the equipment.

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