Measuring your height on the iPhone 12 Pro

IPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max both boast a new feature that allows you to accurately determine a person’s height by simply pointing your smartphone camera at them. You can also measure the height of a person sitting on a chair.

This is made possible by the use of a LiDAR scanner (works at a distance of up to 5 meters) – exclusively for the Pro line (read about other differences here) and the 2020 iPad Pro model. In general, the LiDAR sensor is designed to work in augmented reality applications and games.


How to measure height – step by step instructions.

Step 1 – Aim the camera viewfinder so that the person fits completely into the frame. A person can sit or stand, the main thing is that the whole body is visible from the heels to the crown.

Step 2 – wait 1-3 seconds, and a line with growth readings in centimeters (or inches) will appear above your head in the frame.

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Step 3 – Press the shutter button to take a photo.

Step 4 – To save the photo, tap the photo in the lower left corner, select Done – Save to Photo (Save to files).

Possible problems

If the height is shown in inches, in the application settings, change to the metric system of measurements.

If growth is not shown at all, you need to come closer or move away from the person in the frame (do not forget about the range of the LiDAR sensor is only 5 meters).

For accurate measurements, it is better to stand barefoot and not raise your head up, take off your cap or hat. On the street, make a discount on shoe heights, especially girls in high heels))

You may need a solid color background, such as a wall background. And so that there are no people and moving objects behind in the frame.

Do you think you can measure the growth of animals in this way? Write your options in the comments.

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