MacBook Pro does not work, does not turn on. What to do?

What if your Macbook Pro won’t turn on?

There may be several reasons why the MacBook Pro does not work:

  • Defective charger;
  • Defective battery;
  • Faulty motherboard (worst case)
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You can check the first reason yourself. Take another charger (from friends, acquaintances, a new device)   and connect to the MacBook. Do not forget to wait 1-2 minutes, as the battery may be discharged to 0. 

The second reason can already be checked on your own, but more complicated. Open the paint and disconnect the battery. When connected, exactly working, power supply, you must turn on the laptop through the power button.

Another way to check yourself is to reset!

  •  To do this, simultaneously press the Left Shift + Control + Option key combination and the “Power” button. The laptop turns on and turns off immediately. After that, there should be a standard download of your MacBook.

There is no way you can fix the third reason yourself. In the event of a faulty motherboard, your MacBook Pro will not turn on under any action. The only way to get your motherboard repaired is to go to an Apple Repair Center.

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  1. tell me in what framework it will cost to repair a MacBook pro 15 “(does not turn on) – the power is on, the battery is charging (judging by the indicator) – but when you press the power key, it does not turn on (the power button works – as you can see that the SMC resets)

    The power problem is the most floating one of all (it can be a trite battery, or issues with the hardware, on the motherboard, there is a malfunction in the power circuit, a power supply chip, a multi-controller chip).
    To begin with, in any case, you need to diagnose.
    To understand what the problem is and troubleshoot.
    From a distance, unfortunately, without seeing the device, it is not possible to pinpoint the problem and say what is wrong with the device (just like saying the amount of repair).
    It would help if you had an engineer to look at your device.

  2. MacBook Pro retina 2013, Siera OS started updating the update, Siera itself was already there, after rebooting it does not turn on. You can hear how Coolers work. Resetting VRAM does not help. I disconnected the battery, no reactions, no sound signal when turned on either. It does not enter recovery mode; the keyboard does not light up.

    Diagnostics of this malfunction is free of charge.
    It will help determine the cause of the breakdown, work type, and final cost.

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