Lion OS X and Wi-Fi: Diagnostics

Although connecting to a Wi-Fi network in the Lion operating system is not particularly difficult, the network diagnostics function is not “on the surface”. To be able to carry out a complete diagnosis of the Wi-Fi connection to which you want to connect, you should perform the following actions:

1. Call the console with SHIFT + COMMAND + G and go to the / System / Library / CoreServices / folder or the terminal, in which enter open “/ System / Library / CoreServices / Wi-Fi”

2. Select Wi-Fi Diagnostics (between VoiceOver and Zoom Window) from the menu items.

3. In the window that appears, select the required network parameter that you want to clarify: the network quality is determined in Monitor Performance, the connection log is in Record Events, Capture Raw Frames shows traffic, and additional information is in Turn on Debug Logs.

lion os x

In some cases, this information is located in another folder. In this case, you can find it through the file search by request of Wi-Fi Diagnostics.

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