The keyboard shortcuts for twitter they are one of the fastest ways to access many of the actions that Twitter offers us, in this way and with their help you will be able to see your daily productivity increased.

Some of these keyboard shortcuts, it is very possible that we have used them at some point in our lives, as it would be in the case of Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V that allow you to copy and paste content.

Twitter keyboard shortcuts
Keyboard shortcuts for Twitter

However, we must highlight the existence of what would be the keyboard shortcuts for twitter, which are exclusive to the social network.

At first, it is very common for something very difficult to memorize to appear, but when you start using it on a daily basis you will see that its use will be a piece of cake.

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Use the keyboard shortcuts for twitter It is as simple as writing the letter that corresponds to each action, in this way we can see that it is done instantly.

By using them, you will be able to notice that they will help you to carry out many tasks, which before may have seemed a bit tedious to carry out.

Below in this post, we have put together for you a small list of the keyboard shortcuts for twitter that you can not pass up for anything in the world, carry out searches in Twitter in just seconds.

Keyboard shortcuts for Twitter Discover how and when you can use them!

Next, we are going to tell you what are the keyboard shortcuts for twitter, which will help make your life much easier when it comes to publishing.

And not only this, but also in interacting with other users or accessing the multiple sessions that make up the microblogging network.

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In the event that you want to like a publication, you just have to press the letter “l”, if you are in a photo and you want to see it much better you just have to press the letter “o”.

Actions on keyboard shortcuts for Twitter

The actions are interesting when you find yourself interacting with other users, since you will be able to carry out tasks in a much easier way.

Next, we will show you some of the basic actions that make up the keyboard shortcuts for twitter,

  • intro = Open more details of the Tweet
  • b = Block an account
  • he = i like
  • m = Direct Message
  • n = Send new Tweet
  • o = Expand photo
  • r = Reply in a tweet
  • t = Retweet
  • u = Mute an account
  • / = Find something
  • Ctrl + Enter = Send Tweet

Keyboard shortcuts for Twitter for navigation

With the help of the navigation shortcuts you will be able to move much faster through the user interface; Although there are not many keyboard shortcuts for twitter for navigation, we show you some:

  • j = Next Tweet
  • k = Previous Tweet
  • Space = Page Down
  • Period = load new Tweets or update
  • Navigation Arrows = Go up or down
  • ? = Full keyboard menu or shortcuts
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Although there are many more keyboard shortcuts for twitter that will make your life much easier, these are just some of the most used and which will help you in the interface that makes up the entire application.

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