iTunes no longer deletes music. How to fix?

iTunes fixed the error with deleting music!


iTunes no longer removes music. Apple recently acknowledged a problem with arbitrary deletion of music from personal iTunes collections, reporting that the problem only affected a small group of users. The company promised to fix the bug in the program update.

“On infrequent occasions, we’ve received complaints that audio files stored on our users’ Mac have been deleted without permission.” – Apple reports. “We approached the complaints with all responsibility because we know how important music is to our users, and our teams are already working on localizing the causes of this bug. We were unable to recreate the conditions for this bug, but we are ready to release an update for iTunes to include additional security measures. If you have experienced this problem, you should contact AppleCare. ”

There have been discussions on the Internet about this bug. It all started with Jake Pinkstone’s complaint that Apple Music arbitrarily removed 122GB of his personal music collection immediately after the author connected to the service. The deletion happened as soon as Pinkstone scanned the music library on his computer to access recordings from other devices.

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itunes no longer deletes music

What was the matter?

However, the confusion began as soon as Apple Support informed Pinkstone that Apple Music’s sync system was “functioning as intended.” After Pinkstone asked Amber, Apple’s support operator, if the service could remove music without permission, Amber said yes. His statement, however, ran counter to the information on the official support page for Apple Music.

While the cause of this bug for a wide range of users remained unknown, since Apple specialists were never able to reproduce it, the company’s official statement indirectly indicates that the roots of the problem lie in iTunes, and not in Apple Music. Simultaneously, the update to 12.4, which appeared not so long ago, should have already eliminated the threat to your music. If you are still afraid of a similar scenario, you can reinstall Mac OS to an older version and temporarily disable apple music.

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