iPhone only charges up to 80% – why and how to fix it?

If you are faced with the fact that your iPhone is charging up to 80% and after that charging stops, most likely there is no serious problem, and you can easily make it so that it charges again to 100%.

This guide details the reasons why the iPhone may not fully charge and easy ways to fix it.

Reasons why iPhone does not fully charge and how to make it charge up to 100%!

There are two main reasons why the iPhone only reaches 80% charge.

  • Enabled “Optimized Charging” in iPhone settings.
  • Overheating of the device and its battery.

As for the first item, it first appeared in iOS 13 and is usually enabled by default. Its essence boils down to the following: the iPhone “learns” exactly how you use your phone and, if it is assumed that in the near future you will not find yourself without access to a charger for a long time and will not actively use it, it will only charge up to 80% as this will extend the life of the battery.

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If you don’t need this feature, it’s easy to disable it:

How to Optimize Battery Charging on iPhone and iPad - MacRumors
  1. Go to Settings – Battery – Battery Status.
  2. Disable the “Optimized charging” item.
  3. Choose whether to disable this option only until tomorrow or forever.

Done, now, regardless of what iOS will assume about using the device, the charge will always run to 100%.

The second situation when the battery charge may be limited is an intense heating of the device or battery, which can also damage it. When can this happen:

  • Using games and heavy apps on iPhone while charging.
  • The phone is in the sun or a hot room while charging.
  • Using non-original cables and chargers (strange that the cable can affect, but it is).
  • Phone cases that interfere with heat dissipation.

Also, in the event of a battery malfunction (mostly if it is replaced with a non-original one or has physical damage), its charging can cause intense heating, eventually leading to the charging process being stopped.

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