iOS 15: How to configure the notification summary

The fatigue caused by mobile notifications is a real thing. It seems that all applications are optimized to grab our attention as often as possible and at any time of the day.

The notification settings that mobile phones have configured by default are very intrusive, so that they flood the screen with hundreds of constant notifications.

It is true that we can go to ‘Settings’ and silence or block notifications for each of the applications installed on the mobile, but in reality, almost no one does this, probably for fear of losing something important.

As a result, the notifications end up being annoying and in many cases useless due to their importance. Except for a couple of sounds we’ve learned to recognize (like our text message notification), our lock screens get flooded with so many alerts that in most cases, we end up ignoring them.

With iOS 15, Apple is testing a new approach, so that all the old notification settings remain there, but with a new feature called ‘Notification Summary’ that aims to reduce the less interesting notifications for you.

In this way, it is possible to choose applications to include in the summary and the possibility to define how often to receive them (the default is twice a day). Those apps will deliver their notifications at the usual time, but will silently go into a ‘Notification Summary’ lock on the lock screen.

In this way, they will give prominence to the notifications of the applications that each user has defined as the most important. In other words, those of most apps will silently accumulate so they don’t distract you from your daily chores.

How to activate the ‘Notification Summary’

It is likely that the moment you install iOS 15, the operating system will already ask you to enable the daily notification summary. If you don’t do it or you skipped that part during iPhone startup, you can activate it in ‘Settings’.

  1. Access ‘Configuration Settings’ of your iPhone
  2. Click on ‘Notifications’
  3. Tap on ‘Scheduled Summary’
  4. Finally, enable the scheduled summary

This is all you have to do to activate the ‘Notification Summary’. By default, the summary arrives twice a day, at 09:00 AM and at 19:00 PM. Supposedly, it is possible that the final version of iOS 15 allows you to modify these hours to your liking.

How to adjust times and applications

You can change the value of each one at any time by simply touching it and selecting a new one, plus you can add additional hours by touching the (+) Add summary line, or delete an hour by touching the (-) icon next to it.

You can also get a dozen notification digests per day if you wish, although that really defeats the purpose for which the new feature was granted. Also check how to view notifications on a locked iPhone.

Click on ‘Application Summary’ to select which applications will be delivered silently in your next scheduled summary and which you want to be delivered immediately for relevance.

Your apps can be sorted from A to Z or based on the average number of daily notifications. That’s useful, as you can see exactly how often each app you’ve installed annoys you and can more easily cut down on clutter.

The recommendation is to put everything in the ‘Summary’, unless it is an application that sends notifications on which you simply have to act immediately. Messages, FaceTime, Find My Phone are obvious examples, but the alarm or car app are good exceptions too.

How to use the notification summary

Frankly, using the ‘Notification Summary’ couldn’t be easier. At selected times, you will receive a notification pop-up containing the entire group of notifications that you have selected to appear in the summary.

If the time has passed, it will show up as a small pile, otherwise it will be a large box. Just tap it to expand the notifications and see them all, and tap the (x) and then ‘Clear’ to delete them all in group.

Throughout the day, the notifications that are included in the summary are not lost; you will see a ‘Future Summary’ box showing what is to come in your next scheduled summary.

Enabling this feature does not mean that any notifications will be missed, only that they will be collected without any visual or audible signals.

The ‘Notification Summary’ is displayed as a big block with a number to show how many new notifications there are. Tap to expand and interact with them as you normally would.

So far everything you need to know about the new handling that the ‘Summary of notifications’ function brings. If you want to know another series of news that iOS 15 brings, take a look at our article on iOS 15: These are the big news.

Original article published in MacWorld US.

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