At the fall presentation of the new smartphones of the line, the developers announced the Apple ProRAW photo format in the iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max in future iOS updates.

AirPods Max Headphones

IOS 14.3 introduces support for AirPods Max wireless full-size headphones.

The headphones are really high quality, crammed with a bunch of sensors and technologies. These are 9 microphones, accelerometer and gyroscope, head position sensor and case detection, active noise cancellation and “transparent” mode, surround sound, and adaptive equalizer. But the price is scary – 62,990 rubles.

By the way, did you know that the AirPods Max does not have an off button? The earbuds automatically go into power-saving mode when not in use.

Photo formats

The time has come. IOS 14.3 will unlock this feature. If you go to Settings – Camera – Formats, you will see the new Apple ProRAW format among the list.

Until recently, all iPhones were photographed only in the format Jpeg… Almost all digital devices support it.

JPEG is a pretty old format. It takes a photo with compression, i.e., with loss of quality. With this, you get the file processed by the smartphone. Such photographs on a computer cannot be improved much.

Another more highly efficient format available is HEIF… It is essentially a modern jpeg replacement. It appeared with the arrival of iOS 11 in 2017. This format differs from jpeg in an even higher compression rate. The images are up to 2 times smaller in size than jpeg does, with the same or even better quality.

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Such a container can store several images for “live” photos. There is support for transparency and 16-bit colors. It is also possible to roll back photo processing operations even after editing and saving the picture.

The only drawback of the HEIF format is its incompatibility with many devices. It was like this only at the start. It is now a popular format used by many smartphone manufacturers.

Apple ProRAW format

It is an uncompressed image format that preserves raw data. To use it in iOS 14.3, activate the switch in the settings. And in the “Camera” application in the upper right corner, tap on the “RAW” icon.

Apple ProRAW

Such a file contains more information about halftones, colors, shadows, highlights and allows you to edit exposure and adjust contrast correctly.

Such images are huge – 5-6 times larger than jpeg (or 10-12 times larger than HEIF). My average image size is 25 MB.

Apple’s ProRAW feature is cool but niche. It is needed only for those people who work with cool graphic editors.

Health app

In the application “Health,” there is a section about pregnancy… It can be found through the search. It is not yet available in the context menu.

There are changes in the Cycle Tracking section. There are factors where you can add pregnancy.

Apple Fitness + service

I must say right away that this service is not yet available in Russia. In other countries, access to fitness workout videos can be obtained as part of a single Apple One subscription for $ 30 or purchased separately for $ 10 (monthly fee).

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In iOS 14.3, the Fitness + service started working with the Apple Watch. Let me remind you that this is a training video from experienced fitness trainers, and on the watch, you can track your indicators (heart rate, cardio) during training.

Apple Fitness + service

Workout videos can be watched on iPad, iPhone, and Apple TV, and your metrics and progress are displayed right on the screen.

Several workout types are available: high-intensity interval training, yoga, dancing, rowing, walking, and treadmill running. Plus, you’ll receive training recommendations based on your metrics and exercise history.

The service is really cool. We are looking forward to its appearance in Russia.

Minor updates

On the home screen, you can create app shortcuts for quick launch.

The front camera “learned” to record video at 25 frames per second. There is a new option for mirroring images on iPhone 6s, 6s Plus, iPhone SE, iPhone 7, 7 Plus, iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, iPhone X.

Voice assistant Siri can now make sounds of many animals and birds, then displays a photo of the animal and shows it from Wikipedia.

Added support for PlayStation 5 and Louna controllers from Amazon gaming service.

In the Safari browser settings, the list of default search engines has expanded: Google, Yahoo, Bing, Yandex, DucjDuckGo, Ecosia (German search engine).

In the “Weather” application, there was an air quality scale… True, it is available only for cities in the USA, Great Britain, Germany, India, Mexico, and China.

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Announced appearance cardio workout notifications in Apple Watch. You will receive such notifications if your activity level is below the specified one. The feature will appear with the arrival of watchOS 7.2.

The Home application announced the ability to update software for smart devices directly from the Apple application, rather than third-party programs from manufacturers. This will allow you to do fewer body movements and use more only native software. It will be possible to update from the settings of a specific device.

A new tab has been added to the AppleTV set-top box menu AppleTV, +which makes it easy to find original content. And when you enter a search term, the service offers your latest searches and suggestions from Apple.

In future iOS 14.3 updates, Apple will add the ability to scan App Clips codes… They are used to download mini-applications for stores and other businesses. This is a convenient thing when you are abroad with limited internet traffic.

App Clips

Such programs do not require downloading the full versions from the AppStore and are very lightweight.

iOS 14.3 withdrawn first beta

The released version of iOS 14.3 beta 1 was first withdrawn, and the release occurred anew. The first firmware test revealed a new AirPods Max headphone icon.

Another mention of the AirTag was found in the Locator program. The tag can be attached to any item and track its location on the map.

Who has already installed iOS 14.3? Write in the comments about your impressions.

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