The other day the final release of iOS 14.2 for iPhone and iPad took place. In this article, I will cover the main innovations.

Lock screen

The player widget for Apple Music has slightly changed: the album cover size has increased, the AirPlay icon and the AirPlay menu design have been slightly changed, the volume slider has been increased.

By the way, now in iOS 14.2, if you don’t have anything worth playing, then some kind of song or audio podcast will always be offered in the control center.

If headphones are connected to your device, then regardless of whether there is any song in the player or not, the media player window will automatically appear on the locked screen.

Music player

The widget of the music player has also changed in the control center. The entire interface is shifted slightly downward, or rather its controls. From what it became more convenient to use the player with one hand.

The album cover is now almost full screen. The gaps between the buttons have been reduced. A separate button “Control other devices” appeared at the bottom.

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There has also been a slight restructuring of the AirPlay menu.

Shazam Music Recognition

You can now add the Shazam Music Recognition button to your Control Center. To do this go to Settings – Control Center and add the item “Music recognition” here. After activating the function, music will be recognized in the background.

If the music is recognized, a pop-up banner will appear to display the song information in the Shazam interface.

Music recognition

Various music selections will also be offered.

New wallpaper

There are 8 variations of new wallpapers. You can find them by going to Settings – Wallpaper – Choose a new wallpaper

New wallpaper

The best part is that these wallpapers have variations for day and night themes.

New Emoji

A huge number of new emojis have appeared. There are more than 100 of them.

New Emoji


The icon of the Watch application has slightly changed – now it shows a mono-strap, and not a classic composite one.

Finally there was support ECG functions for Russian watches. If you have an Apple Watch 4-6, you can use the function in the Russian Federation.

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Measure ECG

You can view the ECG report in the Health app.

Changes in the audio headphone menu. Go to Settings – Sounds – Tactile signals… The menu is now called Headphone Security and new menu items have been added:

  • Headphone notifications in the last 6 months – how many times have you exceeded the recommended audio limit.
  • Muting loud sounds is an old feature.
  • Lightning adapters.

For AirPods Pro owners

For owners of AirPods Pro headphones, there is a small but important innovation. Connect the headphones to your smartphone and go to their settings.

There is a new menu item “Optimized charging“, Which will keep the battery capacity for a longer time. Due to the fact that when the charge reaches 80%, AirPods will delay the completion of charging until you need to use them.

Optimized charging

It is unclear why this feature is not available with the first and second generation AirPods. After all, the topic of battery degradation in headphones is relevant, especially in Apple devices – after all, you cannot replace the battery in AirPods, because the case is not separable. You just need to buy new headphones.

Not that in Samsung Galaxy Budswhere the case is collapsible and the battery itself (lithium-ion battery) is easy to replace.

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Home application

The new iOS 14.2 added a couple of new features to the Home app to control all smart home devices.

There are new tabs in the program:

  • automation – you can create actions that will be automatically performed;
  • overview – some tips from Apple for managing smart devices are available.

If you have a HomePod or HomePod mini, in the upper right corner you can see an icon for the new Intercom feature for quickly sending messages to your HomePod speakers.

Column HomePod

HomePod is still not officially sold in Russia and the CIS countries due to the lack of Russian Siri.

The Siri voice assistant on HomePod is not the same Siri used on the iPhone. There the algorithms are different, this is a completely different program.


In general, the firmware is stable and works without bugs. No problem with fast discharge. I recommend installing.

If you notice any problems in iOS 14.2, be sure to write in the comments indicating your device.

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