Increase the volume of your computer It is very easy to carry out, to achieve this goal you will have to use some applications.

The objective of this post is to help you to be able to listen in the best possible way, that content that has been recorded at a very low volume, and no matter how much we manage to increase the volume, we cannot hear it well.

Increase the volume of your computer
Increase the volume of your computer

In any case, in this post we will show you the ways you have at your disposal, to increase the volume of your computer, and thus listen to all your favorite content.

We assure you that if you follow our steps that we will show you below, we will be able to increase the volume on your PC, so that you can enjoy movies, videos and all the audiovisual content you want.

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How to increase the volume of your computer?

We must bear in mind that Google Chrome is the most widely used browser worldwide, and today the content we reproduce is in streaming.

But don’t worry, today we will show you some extensions that Google Chrome itself offers us to be able to increase the volume of your computer.

In this way, we assure you that you will not have any problem listening to your favorite content.

master volume

Volume Master is an extension for Chrome, as its name already indicates, it offers us the option of increase the volume of your computer and in turn that of Chrome.

But not only this, this application offers us the possibility of being able to increase the volume up to 600%, we only have to add it to our browser to start using it.

After we find it installed correctly, to proceed to double the volume of the content we are listening to, we will only need to click on the extension icon.

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For increase the volume of your computer, we will only have to choose between the volume at which we are listening to it, which could be between 0% and 600%.


If we are part of those users who still use the web browser Mozilla, soundfixer It would be an excellent extension.

Which will help you with the typical sound problem, while we are listening to any kind of content through YouTube.

It should be noted that it offers you two controls that will help fix those audios that are heard very low or, failing that, very high.

Therefore, you can rest assured that this extension will help you increase the volume of your computer, in those contents that we find listening through Firefox.

Improve your sound quality in Windows 10

Windows 10 offers you the possibility of improving the sound quality of the same system, below we will show you the steps to achieve it:

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Step 1:

The first thing we must do is open the control panel of our computer, and only enter the “Sound” option.

Step 2:

Next, we proceed to select the playback tab, at this point we must press on our system speakers.

Step 3:

Click on the “Properties” option, which we can locate at the bottom right of our computer screen.

Step 4:

This will open a window about the properties of the speakers, within the “Enhancements” option, we will find the Loudness Equalization section.

This is how through this option we can configure, and also select many improvements regarding the sound configuration.

It is thus through these steps, that you will be able to increase the volume of your computer, and all through extremely simple steps that do not require much time to be able to execute them.

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