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How watch 3D movies on VLC? Easy Guide

A few years ago, 3D movies became fashionable in half the world. Do you remember entering the cinema with those rare special glasses and leaving fascinated after watching Avatar? Well, if you were so shocked, it is likely that you even bought one of those costly TVs or 3D monitors. Did you know that now you can also watch 3D videos with your PC’s VLC player?

Can I watch 3D movies without a TV or special monitor?

Great question! The truth is that if you still have a monitor or a TV explicitly designed to play 3D, you can consider yourself lucky since they are currently barely manufactured and there are not many on the market.

To watch a 3D movie, you will also need a 3D Blu-ray disc and a disc reader for this type of support. Wow, so how can I view 3D content from my sad conventional monitor?

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Luckily, we can also play these effects from a standard monitor using the most popular free and open-source player on the planet, VLC. Of course, VLC only supports videos in SBS format (Side-by-Side), or what is the same, videos in 3D format with the split-screen (the same image is shown with slight variations and then overlap to give depth effect).

Of course, this will also mean that we will have to get the typical special glasses with the lenses tinted blue and red. They are not too expensive, and we can find them on Amazon for just under $20.

How to Watch 3D Movies from VLC

Once we have a movie in the SBS mentioned above format and special glasses, the process of setting up in VLC is like a pleasant boat trip. Quiet and hassle-free.

  • Open the VLC player. If you still do not have it installed you can download it from its official website.
  • Play the 3D video you want to view. You can open the file from “Media ->Open File” or “Open Disc” if you have a 3D Blu-ray disc.
  • Now go to“Tools -> Effects and Filters”.
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  • Hover over the“Video Effects”tab and click on the“Advanced” menu.
  • Finally, check the“3D anaglyph”checkbox.
  • You will see how now the video has those characteristic red and cyan blue borders. Put on your glasses and enjoy!

Basically what we have just done has been to take an SBS video that has the image split in two, and then we have applied the effect “3D Anaglyph,” whose job is to superimpose the two halves of the video and apply the red and cyan 3D effect.

Option 2: Use a mobile phone and VR glasses

In recent years, VR or virtual reality glasses have become popular. These types of devices are worth around $299 and are also compatible with videos in SBS format.

The good thing about all this is that it is not even necessary to apply any filter since the lenses of the glasses do all the work to form the three-dimensional image in our celebro automatically. In addition, the result obtained in general is usually of higher quality than if we use 3D glasses with red and blue-tinted lenses.

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We only need to have the 3D video on the mobile phone (you can go into YouTube to watch a bunch of 4K videos in SBS format) and play it. You can do this using the VLC app, but you can also watch the video directly from YouTube or any streaming platform that broadcasts this type of 3D content on a split-screen.

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