How to use the People Detection feature in the iOS 14 Magnifier app

The iOS Magnifier tool has had its full potential (and the magnifying glass, contrast mode, and other features) hidden away. The feature was added in ‘Settings’> ‘Accessibility’ in iOS 10, and you used to be able to add it in the control panel of iOS 11.

In iOS 14, on the other hand, it became a complete application, as well as offering the distance between people with certain iPhone 12 models.

You can access Lupa in two ways:

  • In ‘Settings’> ‘Control Center’, scroll down to access Magnifier and tap on the ‘+’ icon to add it to your Control Center. You can then drag the app to prioritize it and include it in the list of included controls.
  • In ‘Settings’> ‘Accessibility’> ‘Magnifier’, tap the switch and Magnifier will become available as an app on the home screen, and can be used as an accessibility shortcut.

The aim of Lupa is to allow you access to the camera’s features without having to take photos. Offers a combined optical / digital zoom of up to x10. But they also have other functions that make it easier to see in the “viewer”.

  • Use the brightness, contrast, and color filters to adjust what you see, which can help you see details more easily. For example, sometimes turning up the contrast too high will allow you to read the small black letters that you can find on electronic devices.
  • Touch the flashlight icon to turn on the mobile’s LED light. Press and hold the icon to determine the brightness level.
  • Tap the lens button to freeze the frame. Tap on the rectangles that you will see on their right to create a sequence of freeze frames, and then tap ‘View’ to see how they turned out.
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But there is a new feature that has appeared in iOS 14.2 for the iPhone 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max, very practical if you have some type of visual impairment (such as poor night vision), or if you want your mobile to alert you that people are approaching for some reason.

These two models have a laser emitter to determine the distance (LiDAR) that allows them to calculate the distance quickly and accurately.

You can activate it like this:

1. Touch the gear icon that you will see in the lower left corner of the Magnifier app.

2. Tap the ‘+’ icon next to ‘People Detection’ from the list of sub controls. Then hold and drag it to the primary controls, if you want.

3. Tap on ‘People Detection’ to set the functions.

Four. Tap on ‘Done’.

‘People Detection’ is a mode, not a feature that works all the time. Tap the icon with two separate people to activate it. Then when someone enters the camera’s field of view, iOS will recognize them and use the ‘People Detection’ settings to alert you and measure the distance.

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This may include telling you the distance and using a feedback haptic. You can also set the sound to vary based on distance.

Original article published in Macworld US.

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