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How to use tab groups in Safari on Mac

Safari now has tab groups They organize your browser tabs into groups that you can tag and move. Helps you reduce lash clutter, similar to how tab groups work in Microsoft Edge Y Google Chrome . Here’s how to use them.

To use tab groups in Safari, you must be running Safari 15 or later. Can update Safari using System Preferences.

When you’re ready, launch Safari on your Mac and open your favorite websites in different tabs. Then click the “Show Sidebar” icon in the upper left corner of Safari to reveal the sidebar.

In the sidebar, you will see the number of open tabs at the top. Right-click the button showing the number of open tabs at the top of the sidebar and select “New tab group with [#] tabs ”to add all open tabs into a single new tab group.

Right-click the tab at the top and select

All tabs will appear in a new group of “Untitled” tabs in the sidebar. Right click on “Untitled” and select “Rename”. Give the tab group a new name and press Return to save it.

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Right click on the tab group

Then click the “Hide Sidebar” button in the upper left corner of Safari to close the sidebar.

Safari will show you the tab group label at the top, next to the “Show sidebar” button.

To move a tab to a new or existing tab group, right click on the particular tab, select “Move to tab group” and choose an existing tab group name or a new tab group.

Right-click on a tab, select

You can switch between the tab groups by clicking the tab label in the upper left corner of Safari.

Click on the tab group label in the upper left corner to reveal another thick lash.

To add a new tab to any group, you can press Command + T to open a new tab or click the “+” (plus) button in the upper right corner of Safari. You can rearrange the order of the tab groups by dragging them above or below the existing groups in the sidebar.

Select and drag the tab group up or down to rearrange it.

To remove a tab from a group of tabs, press the Tab Overview button in the upper right corner (four squares) to see a snapshot of the tabs in a group. Then, click the “X” at the top left of the tab preview thumbnail to remove it from the group.

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Tab groups are a useful feature for organizing and managing tabs instead of leaving multiple tabs open. also can copy links from open tabs in a group of tabs to save for later before close all tabs at once . Happy browsing!

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