Portrait mode is a great feature for iPhone camera . It can make your selfies look much more polished and professional. Wouldn’t it be great if you could use portrait mode in FaceTime? Well you can.

iOS 15 introduced the portrait mode for FaceTime video calls. It works in a similar way to camera mode, blurring the background to highlight your face. The effect works very well in video calls. You will probably want to use it all the time.

First, must be on a FaceTime video call on your iPhone. Tap your video preview in the bottom corner to expand it.

Note: the portrait mode is not available if you join a call from FaceTime on Android or Windows.

Expand your video preview.

With your video preview expanded, tap the vertical icon in the upper left corner.

Portrait mode is now enabled, the background will look slightly blurry. You can tap the double arrow icon to minimize the preview of your video and return to the call.

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Portrait mode enabled.  Minimize the video.

It really is as simple as that. This is a small thing, but it actually makes a big difference to how you look on FaceTime. Once you do this once, you will wish you could use it on all platforms . You might want to make more video calls now!

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