How to use Marvis Pro with Apple Music

With the arrival of iOS 14, there are many applications that have updated their appearance in order to adapt to new visual possibilities, in addition to allowing home screen widgets, application clips and much more.

Now, if you want to customize your Apple Music screen with certain widgets music, your option should be to use Marvis Pro, an application that focuses precisely on that, in offering you the freedom to customize the official Apple Music application.

Next, we will see how you can handle the player through gestures or shaking of your iPhone, something interesting if you do not want to be constantly activating the screen of your phone.

Custom wallpaper with transparencies

Marvis Pro will allow you to have almost absolute control of your music library. You can see playlists by songs or albums, as well as sort them by the parameter you prefer.

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From the outset, it is possible to customize the background of the main screen, that of the mini player, as well as that of the main player. You can choose a fixed color or use the artwork from the album that is being played.

The App itself includes a collection of predetermined backgrounds that you can modify based on fixed colors, color combinations and much more. You can also define a background with transparencies, one of the latest innovations implemented.

Various modes and sizes of widgets

With the update of months ago, there are multiple widgets offered for the home screen of any device compatible with iOS 14 or iPadOS 14. Remember that Apple Music offers a single widget reproduction with three different sizes.

Check the what’s new in iOS 14 in terms of interface, widgets and App Clips.

If you choose to use Marvis Pro, the possibilities go much further, with a dedicated widget for ‘Playing now’ that allows you to show the album of what is being played at every moment.

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Apple Music customization

You will also find the widget of ‘section’ that allows you to configure exactly what you want to see. You can change the appearance and select recently played albums, playlists or songs to appear in the widget.

It is clear that the Apple Music API limits certain functionalities that Marvis could otherwise go further. But the news that this App allows if you are users of the Apple music platform, go far beyond what we know about the Apple service.

Gesture control interface

The application has interesting functions, such as the possibility of integrating gestures in the navigation bar. Something really interesting is the gesture ‘when shaking’ with options to choose what action we want it to do when shaking the iPhone.

You can apply it to functions such as pause, play, skip song, go back or activate search by associating it with movement. It is especially useful when you are walking on the street or in public transport and you do not want to activate the mobile screen.

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If you click on the title of the song, you can also rate it or indicate if you like it, and with a double tap, you can see the full album to which it belongs. If you are one of those who uses the iPhone in landscape mode, no problem, because Marvis Pro adapts itself.

The use of the iPad is especially relevant here, where with its much larger screen size, you can get more out of the Marvis Pro application. If you are one of those who use a keyboard with your iPad, there is also keyboard shortcut support.

The application Marvis Pro It is available in the App Store at a price of € 6.99. If you do not have a subscription to Apple Music, you can also search and explore content to play up to 30 seconds of preview of all the songs available on the platform.

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