How to use iPhone apps and games on a Mac

Apple controls how its users use the software that they download from the App Store, so it is somewhat difficult to use apps designed for iPhone or iPad on another platform, whether on a Mac or MacBook or on a Windows computer or laptop.

It is possible that this will change in the future, but while the Continuity function does not arrive, it is not absolute, you should continue reading this article. In it you will find several tricks to be able to use iOS apps or games on your Mac.

Method 1. Find an equivalent app for macOS

iOS and macOS are two operating systems that work separately, which means that they also have libraries of software different. This is why an app designed for one of the platforms will not work on the other.

However, the truth is that in most cases it will not be difficult to find an application that is available for both systems. First of all, we therefore recommend looking to see if the iOS app you want to use has also been designed for Mac.

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Although there is no exact version for macOS, it should not be too difficult to find an equivalent that works in a similar way, whether it is developed by the same company or by another.

Method 2. Use a simulator for Mac

In case you have not found the equivalent of the iOS app for Mac, your best option is to download a simulator that can copy the behavior of your iPhone or iPad on another platform, such as your Apple computer.

It is certainly not the best solution, as it has certain limitations and drawbacks, such as the fact that the image quality will surely not be as desired. Through a Mac, you will see a screen optimized for iPhone or iPad.


iPadian is the best iPad simulator for Mac and PC. The macOS version can be downloaded from the website of Softpedia, while if you want to use it on your PC you will have to download this software from Softonic.

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This program is based on Adobe AIR and manages to create an interface similar to that of the iPad in a window on your PC or Mac from which you can use apps for iOS. The playback is almost exact and the apps work practically the same as they would on an iPad or iPhone.

In addition, the installation process is very simple. However, keep in mind that this method will not allow you to transfer the apps from your iOS device to your Mac or PC, but you will have to download the ones you want to use from the iPadian store.

We also want to add that, from our point of view, using a mouse or touchpad and a keyboard for using applications that have been intended to be used with a touchscreen device does not seem ideal.

Thus, and despite the fact that the simulator manages to recreate the interface well, it may be a bit more difficult for you to use the app on the Mac than on its original platform. You won’t be able to use the mouse to scroll, and often not to move vertically through a page.

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In a smaller number of cases, Simulator is the best option to use iOS apps on a Mac. The problem is that this app that you want to use must be yours, that is, that you have helped in its development.

You can find this software on Xcode, an app available for free on the Mac App Store. It works as if it were a standalone app and reproduces very exactly the screen of your iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch or Apple TV on your Mac.

It will show up as a screen on the desktop of your Apple computer. You will be able to control what happens in it and in the app you are using with your mouse and keyboard. It is not the ideal situation either, but it is an alternative.

If you want to be up to date with all the news related to applications for iOS, check our section dedicated to applications for both iOS, such as iPadOS and macOS.

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