How to use Instagram on iPad and get the most out of it

No, Instagram does not have a dedicated app for iPad, as it happens with other important apps like WhatsApp. The classic app for smartphones and iPhones is intuitive and easy to use, however it is not adapted for tablets.

Below we explain the different options available so that you can use Instagram on your iPad or tablet. In summary, there are two possible ways:

  • Use the iPhone app on iPad
  • Access the web version

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Why isn’t there an Instagram app for iPad?

Developers have stated that their work focuses on applications for smartphones iOS and Android. Although it is strange, they have not yet worked on a version of the application for tablets, and it’s a shame as photos would look great on a 9.7-inch screen.

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How to download Instagram on your iPad

Just because the Instagram iOS app isn’t optimized or designed for iPad doesn’t mean it’s forbidden to download it anyway.

One small problem is that by default, iPhone-only apps don’t usually appear when searching for apps in the App Store on your iPad. You can access its download directly from here.

If you need, for whatever reason, to find it in the search engine, open the App Store on your iPad and in the search bar type Instagram.

The most relevant apps (designed for iPad) will initially appear, but if you do a more exhaustive search, you will end up finding iPhone apps as well.

To do this, tap on the ‘filters’ section in the upper left corner and choose the ‘iPhone only’ option. This will make it easier for you to find the Instagram app. Tap on the ‘download’ button to start your download.

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How to use the Instagram iPhone app on iPad

It is usually quite annoying to have to use an app designed for iPhone on your iPad. By default, the Instagram application for your iPhone shows a rather forced screen so it loses image quality.

You can tap on the ‘1X’ button to reduce the image and get the normal resolution, although this means that the photos will be seen in small in the center of the screen (the same size with which they would be seen on your iPhone).

How to upload photos to Instagram from the Photos app

As a quick reminder: if you only want to post a photo on Instagram, you can do it directly from the Photos app on your iPad.

Obviously, you will have to have the Instagram application installed on your iPad for it to appear in the sharing options.

Open the photo you want to upload to Instagram and tap on the share icon in the upper right corner of the screen.

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If the Instagram icon appears, tap on it, add a phrase for your photo and upload it to your Instagram account so that all your followers can see it.

Use Instagram from your web browser

As we have seen, the Instagram app for iPhone used on iPad does not offer a perfect experience. That is why, probably, a better option is to use Instagram through a web browser such as Safari.

Open Safari, go to and enter your username and password. In this way you can use Instagram in a way much more similar to that of your iPhone.

In our opinion, the option of using Instagram from a web browser on your iPad is quite optimal, so we think it is possible to live without an Instagram app designed exclusively for iPad.

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