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How to use Chrome’s malware scanner

The Chrome malware scanner in Windows it comes to help you in your fight against malware, as well as being a threat that constantly evolves as technology becomes more necessary. Remember that it is always necessary to use all the tools that you have to your advantage in order to keep your computer clean.

But maybe you didn’t know about the Chrome Malware Scanner in Windows, the same that runs periodically to clean the garbage from your computer. But yes, remember that in case you think something is wrong, you can run a scan at this time to make sure everything works correctly.

Chrome malware scanner
Chrome malware scanner

Google has always made known its constant concern about the safety of each of its users, so in this way you can navigate better.

Do you want to know much more information about the Chrome Malware Scanner? But not only that, but we will also offer you the steps you must follow in order to activate it.

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Remember that your safety while you are browsing the web is the most important thing, for this reason you must make use of these incredible tools that Google offers.

Chrome Malware Scanner How can you activate it?

Below we will explain the steps you must follow in order to activate the Chrome Malware Scanner, this way your internet security will not be compromised.

Step 1:

As part of the first step, you must go to the three points in your Google search engine, which are located in the upper right part of your screen.

Chrome scanner
Chrome Settings

Step 2:

Scroll through the options until you can find the “Recover settings and erase” option at the bottom of the many options; then click “Clean my computer.”

Chrome scanner
Chrome scanner

Step 3:

It should be noted that once you are in this option, you must search for “Harmful Software”, which would be the Chrome Malware Scanner, all you have to do is click search to perform an analysis.

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Malicious software cleaner
Malicious software cleaner

Step 4:

Once this analysis has been carried out, you will be able to observe that Chrome itself will offer you an analysis if it finds something harmful on your computer, if so, it can proceed to eliminate it.

Step 5:

The next time you want to access this menu in a much faster way, you just have to enter the following in the address bar:

  • chrome: // settings / cleanup

It is worth mentioning that in the event that you do not find the Chrome Malware Scanner, you must make sure you have updated Chrome; for this you must menu, then help and then information about Google.

You must bear in mind that this is not a general-purpose malware, it only checks for harmful malware related to the Chrome browser.

What do you think about the Chrome Malware Scanner? It is incredible how much it cannot help to avoid slowing down your computer, although we always recommend having an antivirus installed.

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