Microsoft Team’s Whiteboard feature is a very intuitive way to present information to colleagues. With a digital pen and sketch pad, you can explain concepts of all kinds in an easy-to-understand format.

What is the Microsoft team whiteboard?

Like the Microsoft Whiteboard app , Microsoft Team’s Whiteboard feature allows users to sketch and brainstorm on a digital canvas freely during conferences. Uses a standard whiteboard format for the classroom, stored in the cloud and accessible to anyone who invites one meeting of Microsoft Teams .

How do I start the Microsoft Team whiteboard?

To start the Microsoft Team whiteboard for the first time, download and install Microsoft Teams by visiting the Microsoft Teams website .

To access the Microsoft Team whiteboard, open the application, navigate to the navigation menu on the left side and click on the “Calendar” icon.

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From there, start a new meeting by clicking the “+ New Meeting” button in the upper right corner. On the next page, enter all the meeting details and click “Save.”

Click the new meeting button

Once the meeting starts, you will be asked to join. Click “Join”, configure your computer / phone’s camera and audio settings and click “Join Now”.

An example of the join now screen on microsoft computers

Once the meeting starts, click the “Share tray” icon, wait for the “Share content” pop-up to load. Scroll down a bit and click on “Microsoft Whiteboard” to start the whiteboard session. You will have the option to present the board (exclusive editing rights) or collaborate, where everyone can edit in real time.

Click Microsoft Whiteboard in the sharing tray in microsoft teams

After a short loading progress bar, a large white sketch pad will appear. Click anywhere on the white drawing panel to access the writing toolbar. The writing toolbar includes pens of different thicknesses, an eraser, a sticky note, a shape / line tool, and a text box.

whiteboard sharing tray on microsoft computers

How do I draw on a Microsoft Teams whiteboard?

To start drawing on your whiteboard, click on any of the writing utensils on the toolbar, press the cursor, and drag and drop anywhere on the screen to draw, sketch, or write ideas. You also have the option of using a text box to write ideas. You can pan and zoom your whiteboard in, out, left, or right to maximize your drawing space and draw attention to key ideas.

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blackboard drawing example

Adjust Teams whiteboard settings

To access Settings, click on the upper right gear icon. In this Settings menu, you have the option to export an image, set editing rights, toggle between a Help section, and send feedback to the application developers.

whiteboard setup tray on microsoft computers

Clicking “Export to PNG” will start the download, where you will have the option to save it under a specific file name. This is useful if you want to save the ideas that you have outlined during the conference.

By allowing editing access to all participants, all participants will have access to the drawing toolbar and can draw at the same time. Turn it off again if you want to stay in control and be present.

How can I access my whiteboard later?

Accessing the whiteboard when the meeting is over is easy. Just click on the “Whiteboard” tab or visit the Whiteboard Gallery in the Microsoft Whiteboard application to view, continue working, or save.

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An easy way to collaborate and present ideas

The Microsoft Team Whiteboard tool sketch format is an intuitive way for visually agile users to brainstorm. With a strong internet connection, group sketching is smooth and lag-free, with no visible otherworldly trace marks with each pencil stroke. It is an excellent alternative to traditional Powerpoint presentations, where one person often leads the charge with less visual input from the participants.

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