Microsoft keeps releasing updates periodically to your new operating system, where issues related to the performance and security of users are addressed, so it is always advisable to download and install them. But on some occasions, the updates that are distributed every month (Patch Tuesday)comes with some performance or peripheral misconfiguration issues and we have to wait a reasonable time for Microsoft to resolve them.

But if you don’t want to wait for the solution, it is best to uninstall the update that you have previously downloaded and installed. Whenever a new update is available for either Windows 10 or Windows 11 We will try to inform you as quickly as possible if there are or are not problems related to the performance of your PC, so we recommend that you be aware of our publications.

How to uninstall an update in Windows 11
How to uninstall an update in Windows 11

How to uninstall an update in Windows 11

To uninstall an update in Windows 11 it is the same procedure that we do in Windows 10then we will show you the steps so that you can do them on your PC, so let’s go there:

  • The first thing is to go to “Settings”
  • Then “Windows Update”
  • Further down we look for “Update history”
  • Then we look for the option “Uninstall updates”
  • A small window will open where we list the updates that we have installed on our computer
  • We select the specific update and click on “Uninstall” that appears at the top
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Ready!. With this small procedure we can uninstall the updates that we have installed in Windows 11.

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