How to turn off Siri on iPhone?

The Siri voice assistant, available on iPhones, iPads, and other Apple devices, can be handy for some users, while others may want to turn it off. In some cases, you do not need to turn it off completely, but only to prohibit the ability to launch Siri on the locked screen.

This guide details how to disable Siri on your iPhone (or iPad), turn off its voice activation, or turn it off on the locked screen, which can be useful in terms of your device’s security.

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Turn off Siri altogether, turn off Hey Siri, and turn off only on the iPhone lock screen.

If you do not need access to Siri in any way, you can turn off this voice assistant entirely or only in some locations, for this:

  1. Go to Settings – Siri and Search.
  2. Turn off the items you want to disable calling Siri.
  3. Attention: disabling the item “Call Siri with the Home button” or the side button, after confirmation, will immediately disable all Siri functions, including those from the following points.
  4. To disable Siri on the lock screen, turn off Siri with screen lock.
  5. In order not to trigger the request, “Hey Siri,” turn off the corresponding item.
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An additional method for disabling Siri on the lock screen is to go to Settings – Touch ID and passcode and disable the corresponding item in the “Access with screen lock” section.

Done, after Siri will be configured the way you want and either completely turned off or only work by the rules you set.

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Disable Siri on early versions of iOS

Previously, the iPhone did not have a separate Siri and Search settings item, and the disconnection was performed as follows:

  1. Open Settings – General.
  2. Select Siri and switch to the “Disabled” position.
  3. Confirm to turn off Siri voice assistant on your iPhone.
  4. There was also an item to disable only the response to “Hey Siri.”
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