How to turn off auto-play videos on sites in Safari on Mac?

Some sites that contain videos on the page start playing them as soon as you open them. How can I turn this off?

On Mac, there are two ways to quickly change the auto-play video preferences on sites in the standard Safari browser.

Set parameters for the current site!

Safari Now Disables Auto-Playing Videos. Here's How to Allow Them for  Certain Sites

1. Open a site with autoplay video.

2. On the menu bar, click Safari – Preferences for this website.

3. In the Autoplay section, specify the appropriate option: always, never, or only for files without sound.

Set parameters for all sites!

How to Disable Auto-Play in Safari on Mac for All Video & Audio | OSXDaily

You can set general settings for all visited pages.

1. Go to Safari – Preferences – Websites.

2. Select the Autoplay section.

3. You can configure separate rules for each site or delete the rules set and configure the autoplay option for all visited pages.

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