How to transfer game saves from one iPhone to another.

I played the game for a long time on one iPhone, and now I want to continue on another. How to transfer the passage of the game to another smartphone without a full iOS backup?

Different App Store games may synchronize gameplay between devices in different ways. The order of actions for transferring saves between gadgets depends on the type of synchronization.

ICloud transfer

Upon first launch, many games ask for permission to store data in the Apple cloud and then sync between devices with the same Apple ID account.

1. Go to Settings – Apple ID Account – iCloud.

2. Find the section with the desired game and allow the application to upload data to the cloud.

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3. Launch the game on your old device, and the progress will upload to iCloud.

4. After that, you will need to launch the game on a new device with the same Apple ID account.

Game Center Transfer

A more advanced way to transfer game progress is the Game Center service. This will transfer data between devices with different Apple ID accounts. The main thing is that one Game Center account is configured on all gadgets.

1. Go to Settings – Game Center and log in to the service.

2. Launch the required game on the old device.

3. If the game supports Game Center, you will see a banner at the screen’s top.

4. After that, log into the Game Center on the new device and start the game.

5. If the developers have added the ability to transfer game progress through the Game Center, then you will see the save from the old gadget to the new one.

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Migrate via developer cloud

The most reliable and convenient way to transfer saves is the developers’ cloud. So it will be possible to transfer the save not only to the Apple gadget but also to another platform, for example, Android.

This requires authorization in the game itself.

1. In the game settings, find the section with authorization. Many games allow you to play in guest mode, but you need to create an account to sync progress.

2. Create an account on your old device and make sure the gameplay is saved there.

3. Log in to the same account on the new device.

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