How to temporarily turn off iPhone calls on Mac?

Sometimes you need to turn off receiving incoming calls from iPhone to Mac. How to do it?

A handy feature of the Apple ecosystem allows you to receive calls on your computer from your iPhone. Sometimes this feature turns out to be very inconvenient. The challenge banner can interfere with work.

If you want to keep your Mac from receiving a call at all, you can temporarily block it.

How to use Do Not Disturb on Mac with or without automation - 9to5Mac

1. On Mac, you can ask Siri to turn on Do Not Disturb mode. This will turn off all notifications on the computer, including calls from the iPhone.

2. You can enable Do Not Disturb mode from macOS Action Center manually.

3. In the macOS settings, you can set it to turn on or off automatically by time.

Don’t forget that there is an option to skip incoming calls or repeat calls in the Do Not Disturb options, just like in iOS.

If these options for disabling calls on Mac from iPhone are not suitable, you will need to disable the Call from iPhone option in the FaceTime app options.

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