How to take screenshots and screen recordings on MacBook?

How to take a screenshot on a MacBook – how to take a screenshot on a MacBook?

OS X has a built-in ability to take screenshots. By the way, it’s very, very convenient. But not everyone knows that there are several ways to do them. We will tell you how on MacBook, the screenshot is “integrated” into the OS itself, and no third-party utilities can surpass OS X in terms of capabilities. A screenshot can be taken using various keyboard shortcuts on your MacBook.

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You can take a screenshot of the screen on MacBook, Mac mini of both the entire screen and part of it:

1. ⌘ (cmd) + Shift + 3 (A screenshot of the entire screen is saved to the desktop);

how to take a screenshot of the screen on a macbook

2. ⌘ (cmd) + Shift + Ctrl + 3 (Screenshot is saved to the clipboard);

3. ⌘ (cmd) + Shift + 4 – how to make a screenshot on MacBook and save it to your desktop;

how to take a screenshot of the screen on a macbook

4. ⌘ (cmd) + Shift + Ctrl + 4 (Copy the selection to the clipboard).

These are the primary keys that will help you take a screenshot and save it either to the desktop or to the clipboard. 

If you can’t take a screenshot on your MacBook, it’s most likely just an OS crash.

  • First of all, try to reset the settings Alt + Cmd + R + P, and then use one of the combinations from the list below.
  • Snapshots can be saved to the desktop but not displayed. Try going to your desktop folder through Finder.
  • If the screenshot is still not created, you need to reinstall or configure MACOS. This can be done in our center in 1 hour.
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Making screenshots in the “classic” style is not always convenient, so there are additional functions that will be useful for all Mac users to learn:

1. Hold Option to start selection from the center;

2. Hold Shift to set the selection only horizontally or vertically;

3. Hold spacebar to move the selected selection;

4. Hold Shift + spacebar to fix horizontal or vertical selection;

5. Press Esc or ⌘ + enter to cancel;

6. Press the spacebar to highlight the desired window. 

How to Record MacBook Screen?

If you need not just a picture but a video recording from the MacBook screen, additional utilities are also not required. The built-in QuickTime Player is enough.

How to delete apps on your Mac - Apple Support

Right-click on the application and select “New Screen Recording” from the pop-up menu.

How to Use QuickTime for Screen Recording - Info | Remo Software

To record a video from the MacBook screen with sound, select the “microphone” item in the window that opens.

These capabilities are more than enough for Mac to make presentations and even record webinars for colleagues.

We hope we helped make a screenshot of the screen on an image and a MacBook and record a video from the screen. Are you interested in various vital combinations and other useful information about apple? – subscribe to our social networks.


  1. When I take a screenshot on a Mac, it doubles the image. 
    I make 100×100 (the cursor shows these numbers), in the “View,” I see that the size is 200×200. 
    And when I try to insert an image somewhere, it is inserted not in the same size as I saw it on the screen, but twice as large. 
    I try to reduce it – quality is lost. 
    How do I take a screenshot of the screen on a Mac so that the output is the same piece of the screen, in the same size as I see and in the same quality?

    To understand what the problem is, and to identify the malfunction, you need diagnostics. 
    From a distance, without seeing the device, it is not possible to accurately identify the problem and say what is wrong with the device (determine the problem, the repair time, and the amount). 
    You need an engineer to look at your device, in fact, in the SC. 

  2. I often have to listen to on-line messages. 
    Please tell me how best you can record a copy of the screen. 
    On my Mac, I am using QuickTime Player. 
    And everything is fine, but the file size turns out to be very large = for example, 20 minutes is more than 2 GB.


    Try to download the movavi program, there you can configure different recording parameters, which will reduce the file size. 

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