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How to switch between tabs in Safari on iPhone

Switch between tabs open of Safari on your iPhone it doesn’t have to be a hassle. Safari lets you quickly jump or slide between tabs using a swipe gesture or the Tabs button. We will show you how to do both.

How to switch tabs with a swipe gesture in Safari

Safari’s interface changed with iOS 15, putting the tab bar at the bottom. May switch to old Safari or you can access your tabs turning to landscape mode . However, there is a neat way to switch between tabs when the bar is at the bottom while remaining in portrait mode.

To get started, launch the Safari browser on your iPhone and open a few sites in different tabs. If you are on the first tab of the list of open tabs, it will sell a small part of the tab on the right.

Part of the next tab visible in the lower right corner.

Now, you can perform a swipe left gesture on the tab bar to switch to the next tab.

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Swipe left on the tab bar to move to the next tab.

Similarly, swipe right to go to the tab on the left to switch to the previous tab if you see a part of a tab to the left of the tab bar.

Swipe right on the tab bar to go to the previous tab.

How to switch tabs using the tabs button in Safari

Swiping the tab bar to switch between open Safari tabs can be tedious, especially when you have a lot of tabs open. But with the Tabs button, you can quickly jump from the first tab to the last, or whichever one is in between.

Launch the Safari browser on your iPhone and open some sites in different tabs. Tap the “Tabs” button (two cascading squares) on the right (up or down, depending on where you have placed the tab bar).

Tap the Tabs button in the lower right corner.

It will open a card-style Safari tab grid. You can scroll and tap to switch to any tab, and it’s faster than swiping across other open tabs.

Scroll and tap on a tab card to open the tab.

That’s it! After browsing, you can close all Safari tabs at once on the iPhone.

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