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How to split cells in Microsoft Excel

Have multiple values ​​in a single cell that you want to separate into multiple cells? If so, Microsoft Excel has two easy-to-use options to help you split your cells. We will show you how to use them.

Split cells in Excel with flash fill

A quick way to divide the values ​​in your cells into multiple cells is by using Excel’s Flash Fill function . This automatically extracts the values ​​from your cells and places them in several separate cells. To use this feature, you must be running Excel 2013 or later.

To show you how to use this function, we will use the following spreadsheet. In this spreadsheet, we will divide the names and brands into multiple cells.

Multiple values ​​in a single cell in Excel.

First, click cell C2 and manually type the name that appears in cell B2. In this case, it will be “Mahesh.”

Click cell C2 and manually enter the first value.

Click cell C2 to make it selected. Then in the excel ribbon at the top , click on the “Data” tab.

Click on the tab

On the “Data” tab, in the “Data tools” section, select “Flash fill”.

Please select

And instantly Excel will split the names of all the records in column B and add them to column C.

The Flash Fill result for the first value.

To split the obtained marks, click cell D2 and manually type the marks for cell B2. In this case, it will be “80”.

Click cell D2 and manually enter the second value.

Click cell B2 to make it selected. Then, on the Excel ribbon, click on the “Data” tab. Select the “Quick Fill” option and all your marks will be split and available in column D.

The Flash Fill result for the second value.

Are you ready. If you are dividing a lot of cells and often have to scroll back and forth in the worksheet, consider using Excel’s split screen function .

Split cells in Excel with text into columns

Another way to split cells in Excel is use Text to Columns function . In this function, you specify what separates your values ​​in your cells, and the function then uses that separator to divide the contents of your cells.

To demonstrate the use of this function, we will again use the same spreadsheet as in the previous section:

Multiple values ​​in a single cell in Excel.

First, in the worksheet, click the cells that you want to divide into multiple cells. Do not select any column headings.

Select all the data in the Excel spreadsheet.

While your cells are selected, on the Excel ribbon at the top, click on the “Data” tab.

Click on the tab

On the “Data” tab, in the “Data tools” section, select the “Text to columns” option.

Click on

Excel will open a “Text to Columns Wizard” window. Here, choose the “Delimited” option and then click “Next” at the bottom.

Please select

On the next screen, in the “Delimiters” section, select the character or characters that separate the values ​​in your cells. In our example, the values ​​are separated by a comma and a space, so we will enable the “Comma” and “Space” options.

In the same “Text to Column Wizard” window, in the “Data preview” section, you will see how your data will look when divided into multiple cells. If this sounds good to you, at the bottom of the window, click “Next”.

Specify the separator for the values ​​in the window

On the next screen, click on the “Destination” field and delete its content. In the same field, click the up arrow icon. You will choose where you want to save the divided data.

In your worksheet, click cell C2 to store the divided data in that cell. Then click on the down arrow icon.

Back in the “Text to Columns Wizard” window, at the bottom, click “Finish”.

Click on

And your single cell values ​​are now split across multiple cells.

Single cell data is divided into multiple cells in Excel.

When you have all your data organized the way you want it, you may want to learn about it using Excel’s built-in data analysis tool .

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