Google Chrome It is one of the browsers that we can find in a large number of devices, this because it is integrated into the Android operating system. However, due to the latest discoveries about user privacy, it is recommended uninstall chrome.

But if your privacy is not something that worries you, we have a little trick for you. We will teach you to how to speed up downloads in Google ChromeIt is worth mentioning that the procedure that we will carry out below is currently in the experimental phase and is not yet available in the official version of the browser.

Speed ​​up downloads in Google Chrome for Android
Speed ​​up downloads in Google Chrome for Android

Accelerate download speed in Google Chrome

In order to speed up the download in Chrome we will have to make use of the experimental options that we can find in Chrome Flags, which largely end up reaching the official version.

Speed ​​up the download in Chrome It will allow us to download the files we need faster, for this we just have to follow the following steps:

  • We run Chrome on your mobile device or computer.
  • Then we write in the address bar chrome: // flags /.
  • Now we seek Parallel download.
  • Once found, in the menu we select the “Enabled” option.
  • Finally, we restart the browser.
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Logically, enabling this function will only serve to improve the download speed of files through the browser and not from the other applications that we have installed on our device.

With this procedure you can improve Google Chrome download speed on Android, Windows, Mac and Linux versions.

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