How To Solve macOS Black Screen Of Death?


Black screen of death!

The black screen problem is in scary dreams for most Mac users. Along with the Windows blue screen and the famous Xbox red ring, this software bug baffles us and spoils our mood year after year. Today we will help you cure your Mac without going to the service center and unnecessary dancing with a tambourine.

The error appears when the device goes into sleep mode, after which the MacBook does not turn on, forcing the owner to nervously press the power button, unsuccessfully trying to revive his favorite laptop. But there is no need to worry and spoil the mechanism with multiple clicks.

Standard methods don’t help.

Faced with a problem, almost any user first turns to the Internet for help. On endless thematic forums, you can find many different tips for treating a malfunction, the most common of which is a reboot.

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Unfortunately, this action results in a standard login, after which we see a black screen again. Moreover, the display of the device continues to work, as the current cursor tells us. The second, third, and fourth reboots give precisely the same results. Even the notorious Hard Reset does not help, after which we see the same picture. Most service centers, in such a situation, advise to reinstall the OS. Still, we will leave this method to students who want to get to know a friend – a programmer better, and we will strive to optimize processes and save time, which is always lacking.

Fast decision

As you know, all ingenious is simple, so it turned out in this case. To solve the problem, you need to log into the system from a guest account. In safe mode (shift + power button), the login is carried out without problems. We go into system settings – users and groups.


Next, we create a new administrator account and delete the old one. After that, we go into the system under the new account and get a fully functioning MacBook. We are forced to report that you will receive a device cleared of all information as a result. Of course, experienced users can save essential software stored on third-party servers, but most of the data will be lost, although this would have happened anyway.

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Anyway, now you know how to cure the black screen of death without restarting the operating system, saving a lot of time and nerves. If you’re wondering when Apple releases a Mac update, or looking for instructions on working with Apple products, read articles on our LOGMOD site. We are glad to all visitors.

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