Do you want to shut down your Windows 11 PC? There are several ways to do it. They all work equally well, so choose the one that best suits your needs.

Press the power button on your PC or tablet

A finger pressing the power button of a laptop.
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No wonder here: it is perfectly fine to shut down your PC with a physical power button on your device . In general, pressing the button once will put the PC to sleep or start an automatic shutdown process. May change this behavior in the Control Panel if you want. Or you can use one of the software-guided shutdown options listed below.

If your PC stops responding completely, you can usually force it to turn off holding down the power button for 5 to 10 seconds. However, this should only be done in an emergency, as forcing a shutdown carries a slight risk of data loss. (But don’t worry; if you regularly press your PC’s power button once to shut it down, that’s perfectly fine.)

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Use the power button on Start

Click the power button in Windows settings.

Another handy way to shut down your Windows 11 PC is by clicking Start on the taskbar. When the Start menu opens, click the power icon near the bottom of the menu (which looks like a circle with a vertical line near the top). In the menu that appears, select “Shutdown”. Your PC will begin the standard shutdown process.

Right-click the Start button

Right-click Start, then select

You can also close from the » advanced user menu »That appears when you right-click the Start button. When the menu appears, select “Shutdown or Logout”, then click “Shutdown”.

Press Alt-F4

In the Alt + F4 window, select

If all of your windows are closed or minimized (and you’re looking at the desktop), you can initiate a shutdown by pressing Alt + F4 on your keyboard. A “Shut Down Windows” window will appear. Select shutdown from the drop-down menu (normally selected by default), then click “OK” or press Enter. Windows will close as usual.

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Use the command line

In PowerShell or at a command prompt, type

also can shut down from PowerShell or command prompt . To do this, start Windows Terminal (search for “terminal” in Start) and type shutdown /son a blank line, then press Enter. A warning pop-up window will appear telling you that Windows is about to shut down, and after a minute your PC will shut down completely.

Use Ctrl + Alt + Delete or the login screen

If all those options weren’t enough, you can also shut down your PC from the Ctrl + Alt + Delete screen. Just press Ctrl + Alt + Del on your keyboard, and when the full-screen black menu appears, click the power icon in the lower-right corner of the screen and select “Shutdown” from the list.

You can also shut down your PC in a similar way from the login screen (or start Task Manager ), which also contains a nearly identical power icon in the same location. Good luck!

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