How to share iPhone health data with family and doctors

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Your health data recorded from Apple Watch and iPhone is stored in the Health app for iPhone. As long as your iPhone (and the recipient’s) has iOS 15 or higher, you can now choose to share health data with family, friends, or your doctor. We will show you how.

Sharing data from the iPhone Health app

You can share data from the iPhone Health app, as long as the other party is in your contacts and also has an iPhone with iOS 15 or later. If neither of you have iOS 15 yet, you can update your iPhone to install it. For this feature to be useful, you will also need some health data to share.

To share health data, launch the Health app and touch the Share tab.

Tap the Share tab in the Health app

Touch “Share with someone” and then search for the person you want to share with. You can only share health data with people who are already in your contact list, so be sure to add your doctor through the Phone or Contacts app beforehand.

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You will then be asked if you want to “View Suggested Topics” to speed up the process or choose exactly what to share by choosing “Configure Manually” instead.

Share data on Apple Health

On the next screen, you will be asked if you want to share health alerts, such as high heart rate notifications.

Share health notifications in the iPhone health app

If you choose “Configure manually,” you will see a full list of health data that you can share, or an abbreviated list if you choose Apple’s recommendations. Touch “See all” next to a category and check each option you want to share.

Share health topics in the iOS health app

Finally, touch «Next» to finalize your decision. You will see a list of what you have chosen to share, which you can adjust by tapping on the “Edit” button nearby. Tap the “Preview” button to see what your data looks like and then share it with the “Share” button.

Tap the Share button to share your health data

Useful if you have the data

Medical data is data sensitive . You need to be careful who you decide to share it with, even if it seems innocuous. Remember that you can return to the Share tab to see what you have shared and with whom.

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Sharing your health data could be a useful tool for diagnosing certain medical conditions or keeping track of your family’s physical condition. Unfortunately, the feature isn’t that useful if you don’t have the data to share.

A Apple Watch can help remedy this by recording your heart rate, electrocardiogram , energy expenditure, daily movement habits, training frequency and more.

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