How to share an iCloud calendar

The use of shared calendars is becoming more and more common since it saves time and a multitude of sending emails until several people manage to agree on a certain appointment or meeting.

Apple offers calendars shared through iCloud, but it doesn’t always make it easy to understand how to share or accept a certain invitation, so we’re going to explain how you can easily share your iCloud calendar with other people.

The process is not very complicated, but it is convenient to know how to proceed even in those cases in which users do not use Apple’s calendar tools from a Mac, iPhone or iPad and use other devices or operating systems.

In fact, there are people who resort to the use of applications compatible with iCloud such as BusyCal or Fantastical to be able to view and modify events on privately shared calendars.

If you are using calendar software that does not integrate directly with iCloud and requires you to sign in with your account, you will not be able to accept invitations to private calendars, but you will still be able to view publicly shared calendars.

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Start by sharing a calendar

You can create a new private calendar or share an existing one privately with the people you want. This is the way to proceed.

  • macOS: Hover over the right side of the calendar name in the ‘Calendar List’. (Choose ‘View> Show Calendar List’ if that list isn’t showing.) Click on the outline of a person’s head.

This produces a pop-up menu. If it’s a calendar that you create new or you can change who shares it, click ‘Share with’ or click an existing name to open an area where you can type or paste an email address.

icloud Calendar

Click ‘Done’ when you have added all the addresses you want. That’s when invitations are sent by email and activated in Apple applications as well as third-party apps.

  • iOS / iPadOS: Tap on ‘Calendars’ and then tap the information button to the right of the calendar you want to share. Tap on ‘Add person’ to type or paste an address. Invitations are sent immediately.
  • Navigate to ‘Calendar’. Click on the wave icon to the right of the calendars you can share; looks like a rotated wifi symbol. Check the ‘Private calendar’ box and then type or paste the address in the ‘Add person’ field. Click on ‘OK’.
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You can delete addresses or click or ‘Stop sharing’ in each of these locations to stop sharing with a person, groups of people or everyone in general.

At each of those locations, there’s an option to check, click, or tap to share a public read-only version of the calendar (in iCloud, you need to click, then click Done, then click waves again).

Copy the URL that appears and starts with webcal: // to share it with anyone using any calendar software that supports calendars published on the Internet. Disable Public Calendar in each of these locations to unshare or post.

How to subscribe to a calendar

If what you want is to be able to subscribe to a private calendar, proceed as follows:

  • macOS: In the Calendar List, click the inbox icon next to the calendar icon at the top. New invitations appear there. Click on ‘Join Calendar’.
  • iOS / iPadOS: Tap on the ‘Inbox’ link and ‘Join Calendar’.
  • Tap on the inbox icon (a downward pointing arrow) and click ‘Join Calendar’.
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iCloud Calendar

To subscribe to a public calendar, proceed as follows:

macOS: choose ‘File> New Calendar Subscription’, paste the webcal: // URL and click ‘Subscribe’.

  • iOS / iPadOS: Go to ‘Settings> Calendars> Accounts> Add account> Other> Add subscribed calendar’ and paste the URL. Click next. Apple displays a surprising amount of technical information that is unnecessary.
  • There doesn’t seem to be a method to subscribe to a public calendar on, although you can share public calendars from
  • Google Calendar: Visit Google Calendar and click on the ‘+’ sign next to ‘Other calendars’. Select the URL. Paste the calendar URL and click ‘Add calendar’.

If what you need is to organize all your tasks in the same application, forget about Apple’s default calendar. Take a look at the best agenda and calendar apps for iOS devices.

Original article published in Macworld US.

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