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How to set your privacy in Windows 11

Set your privacy in Windows 11 It is straightforward, of course, only if you follow our steps and recommendations; The idea of ​​all this is that you have native tools at your disposal, and then you only have to configure them depending on the degree of privacy you want.

In some of the most frequent cases, set your privacy in Windows 11. It could cause some of the functions or services to stop working or even can no longer be used.

But how can we prevent such a thing from happening? The critical point in this is that you know exactly what to do when setting your privacy in Windows 11 so as not to cause problems.

And in the end, there are many options that, although they may not seem so important, can end up compromising your privacy.

Set your privacy
Set your privacy

Do not forget that your privacy must always be respected in all cases, and we always keep that in mind in Computer Culture.

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For this reason, today, we bring you a series of recommendations and steps to follow so that you learn to set your privacy in Windows 11.

Configure your privacy in Windows 11 Discover the points of which you should be careful!

Set your privacy in Windows 11. It is not difficult. To help you with this task, we bring below a series of steps and tips that you must follow to the letter.

Deactivate the “Find my Device” option

To begin, within the options of Privacy & Security, You will be able to see an option called Find my Device, If you have this option active, Windows would be sending your location information frequently to Microsoft.

It should be noted that if you want to maximize your information, you must deactivate this function permanently.

This option to set your Windows 11 privacy is to deactivate this function, although you will be able to find your computer through the location.

This is an option that you can do without if your PC is a table since, as is evident, being a table, it will not be possible to move it from one place to another.

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Closely control the permissions of the apps you install

Another step to set your privacy in Windows 11 is to control the permission of the applications you grant to the same applications that you install on your computer.

You must bear in mind that Windows will proceed to distribute the data of those applications that work in different categories and the camera, microphone, location, and even notifications.

Then you can set your privacy in Windows 11. In this way, you can limit the amount of data to which the applications access.

To start, you must enter Windows settings already within the “Privacy and Security” option that appears in the left column.

Once inside, you can access a large number of permissions, which you can manage and are the following:

  • Voice activation
  • Location.
  • Camera.
  • Microphone.
  • Notifications.
  • Your account information.
  • Contacts.
  • Call History.
  • Email.
  • Messages, among many others.

Control the information you send to Microsoft

Microsoft collects data on how you use Windows in detail, it does so due to all those problems, but yes, all those are data you can stop sending yourself.

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It is worth mentioning that setting your privacy in Windows 11 is easy. For these, you only have to enter the same Windows configuration. For this, you will have to click on the start menu wheel icon or the notification center.

Now you have to click on the option Privacy & Security, Whose option appears near the end.

Already being within the same privacy, you will see many options, all of which are related to the possibility of setting your Windows 11 privacy.

Set your privacy in Windows 11
Set your privacy in Windows 11

On the other hand, you will have the option to activate or deactivate specific parameters to send your information to Microsoft. Below we will show you what they are:

  • Diagnostic Data.
  • Windows Custom Experiences.
  • View diagnostic data.
  • Delete diagnostic data.
  • Improve inking and writing.

These are some of the steps you must follow to configure your windows 11 privacy. Remember to follow them to the letter and without leaving anything aside to achieve good results.

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