One of the most interesting and important functions of iOS 15 from Apple, is to offer security to the user thanks to the iCloud data recovery function. With its help you can be calm in the event that your device is lost and you need to recover your data that is backed up.

The excellent security offered by Apple accounts and devices is the main reason why thieves do not dare to steal iPhone phones. As you may already know, once the device iPhone is locked via iCloud, the situation becomes a little more difficult for thieves and hackers; since they have no choice but to sell said mobile by parts.

ICloud Data Recovery on iOS 15
ICloud Data Recovery on iOS 15

However, it must be borne in mind that they not only make the situation difficult for the mobile thief, but also to the owner of the iPhone if he forgot his iCloud password. Previously, iPhone users had to wait up to 1 week for Apple to validate all their information and allow them access to their account.

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Although it must be made clear that the new iCloud data recovery services iOS 15 offers a much easier and more efficient recovery process for all its users.

iCloud Introduces Two New Ways to Recover Your Data

To proceed to recover your account data, you can choose any of the different methods that we will explain below.

Remember that to carry out this process first You must have the iCloud backup option enabled. Keep in mind that Apple only saves the information that the same user has given permission to access and save.

1. Proceed to add a recovery contact to iCloud

The first option you have at your disposal is to add a recovery to your account, which will help you as a tool to access these possible failures. It should be noted that this step will be valid as long as the account recovery is configured on your phone; all you have to do is call your data recovery contact.

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And remember that you must have at least one person added to that option, in this way you can generate a code on their own device. When you have this code in your hands, proceed to enter it on your mobile device to set an Apple iD password immediately.

For a person to be your recovery contact, they must have the following requirements:

  • Being older than 14 years old.
  • Device running iOS 15, iPadOS 15, or macOS Monterey.

2.Activate the account recovery key

For this option to work correctly you need to have another Apple iOS 15 device, in which you have already logged in. This second mobile device will be used to generate a code, in this way you can synthesize your mobile and regain full access.

To add the recovery service from ICloud on iPhone or iPad follow these steps:

  • On your device iOS or iPadOS 15 go to settings.
  • Proceed to touch your profile icon.
  • Lovely on the option of «password and security
  • As a last step, choose the account recovery option.
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Then within the options you must proceed to choose the option to add a recovery key or a recovery contact; or failing that, both. Undoubtedly iOS 15 offers excellent efficiency in these cases that no one can control, since a loss occurs at any time and it is impossible to avoid it.

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