How to set up custom Alexa news flash reports


Alexa is arguably the best news update tool ever, providing timely news updates on everything from Philadephia Eagle scores to national politics. Now, you can enjoy personalized Alexa news flash briefings.

What You Can Do With Alexa News Flash Informational Digests

As of June 2021, Alexa offers more than 12,000 options, ranging from mainstream news sources like CNN and Fox News to smaller, more unfamiliar news outlets like Marketplace Minute and Jarvis News. You can also select non-news content providers, such as the popular bargain site Slick Deals and themed sites like “Disney Character of the Day.”

We highly recommend mixing and matching content from different providers. One of our favorite playlists incorporates national and local news with niche options based on your interests. For example, a Miami-based realtor might enjoy Reuter’s quick briefings with a national news source (eg, CNN and Fox News), followed by local options like CBSC4 News Miami and the Miami Herald.

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What can’t Alexa News Flash briefings do?

Alexa news digests have limitations in terms of playback options. For example, you cannot fast forward or jump forward within a short briefing. If you miss a news tidbit, you will be forced to repeat the entire news digest.

Also, not all content providers are up to date with their offerings. Some of the darker news channels don’t have up-to-the-minute content, opting for content out of date for four days. Similarly, some content providers run large ad rotations. Sometimes they can even play more ads than the actual content.

How to customize Alexa news flash summaries

To customize an Alexa news digest for the first time, download the Amazon Alexa app from the App Store from Apple for iPhone or from Google Play Store for Android .

From there, open the app and tap on “More” on the bottom menu bar.

alexa app home page

Touch “Settings” and then touch “News.”

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news option in settings

On the “News” screen, tap “Edit” next to “Flash Summary”.

tap edit next to flash info

This option will allow you to create your Flash Briefing playlist, selecting from several providers, including default options such as AccuWeather Daily, NPR Business Story of the Day, National Geographic Kids, and News O-Matic.

flash info list

To choose any of the default options, tap the slider to the right for each content provider.

To add a content provider, click the circle “+” icon, followed by the provider name and the blue “Enable for use” button on the content provider page.

market minute display

How to customize the order of flash news reports

To customize the order of your Alexa news flash reports, go to the flash reports page, select all content providers, and add them back in the order you want to hear them.

flash information display

How do I listen to Alexa news digests?

To hear your Alexa news summary, simply tell Alexa the opening phrase “Alexa, play my flash summary.” Alexa will then proceed to recite flash reports from each content provider in the order you selected.

Note: Not all content providers will share a daily briefing.

Good for people on the go

Alexa News Flash Briefings is a great option for people on the go who have little to no time to consume news in a more traditional format, such as on a desk or in a newspaper. Customizing flash briefings allows you to enjoy a wide variety of content from different providers, turning it into news or topics as you like. If you’re an avid knowledge buff or news consumer, the Alexa news digest is a good way to get your fix.

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You may not realize that Alexa can also convert a PC or tablet at an Echo Show for even more fun news consumption.

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