With the arrival of WhatsApp, the classics SMS they have stopped importing the vast majority of users. The messaging app owned by Goal It has functions that allow us to share with our loved ones any content, without additional charges. WhatsApp allows users to send text messages, multimedia and even records big to our contacts, even if we do not have them registered.

Today we are going to teach you send WhatsApp to someone without needing to have them added to our contact listfor this, we simply have to follow the steps that we are going to mention below.

How to send a WhatsApp to an unregistered number
How to send a WhatsApp to an unregistered number

Send WhatsApp to someone without having it registered

It should be noted that this trick can be used with any phone number, as long as the other person has installed the applicationwe simply have to put the code of the country where you live and that’s it.

  • We enter our browser and write wa.me/ country code + phone number and press go.
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Then we will open conversation on whatsapp with that person, at the top it will appear «Unknown number“That’s because we don’t have the number on our contact list.

How to send a WhatsApp without having the contact registered with a third-party application

To send a WhatsApp to a contact without having it registered, there is also a way to use third-party applications, for this, we only have to install the application «MessageWhats-Chat without limit» that we can download directly from Google Play.

Its operation is very simple:

  1. Enter the phone number to which you are going to send the message.
  2. Write the text message and press the «Send» button.
  3. A chat window will now open in your messaging app with the given number.

In this way you can send a WhatsApp to a certain contact if you need to have it added to your agent.

Do you know of another app that allows you to do this? Let us know in the comments of this article.

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